Monday, October 31, 2011


I am a terrible, terrible takes three years to say how terrible blogger I am.  Well, I hope you missed me greatly, seeing as I took a nice little month break from my blog.  School has been terribly busy combined with theater literally and figuratively eating my soul and physical being.  So, yes, I've been busy...very busy.  So, I'm back and filled with coolio makeup ideas and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my absence.  *Bows*  ANNNND of course, I did not get a halfway decent picture of my Halloween costume (I was a flight attendant) and I was of course, wearing the coolest flair fake eyelashes.  How laaaaaaame.  So, here is some old forgotten makeup dabbles and I will return later with full looks with products once again.  It feels good to be back :3
 Sorry for the the bad res...whatever.  This was based off Illamasqua's Toxic Nature Campaign from earlier in the year.  Fun stuff.
 Thrown-together Ursula look a la the Little Mermaid.  
 This one time, I was Cee Lo Green.  Good days.
I finally took out my feathers.  Geez, my hair is getting so long.  This is a representation of what my everydayish makeup kind of looks like.  Copper lids are never a bad idea. :)
My darling puppy makes a very unhappy bat.  When I went home, I got her this costume and she could not stand it at all.  Doesn't she look so sad?

One of my only pictures from Halloween, that's probs why I look so sad.  And my friend Tyler is obviously taking way too much joy out of this fact.  haha.
Yayyy, so glad I could find a home for some of these looks, and I promise I will be a better blogger from here on out! Girl Scouts Promise :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Pretty Boy!

Why hello dear friends and readers o' my humble blog, tee hee, tee hee...So, as I said, I'm trying out Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (occ) for the first time because they had a labor day sale and there was also a sale, so I'm obvi saying, "sign me up." OCC is most-well known I believe for their Lip Tars (highly pigmented not quite lipsticks, not quite glosses) and then a bunch of professional airbrushes and so on.  Well, I ordered about five Lip Tars and a nail polish that was on sale and the next day I got a call from a representative saying that the polish and one of the tars were sold out, so I got to pick any color I wanted and soooooooo, I got a polish and tar from their new Pretty Boy campaign for F/W 2011.  The person was so nice from OCC and even dealt with my insanity over choosing what colors I wanted, haha.  A+ customer service always wins me over :)
Campaign photo, very creative, love!
 Photo credit: OCC's Website:

 Lip Tar in Butch! It's a super cool periwinkle.  My friend Fran always wants me to wear it because I was with her when I stole her computer in the middle of a busy building and was loudly on the phone going, "yeah, yeah I think I'll take Butch over Pretty Boy." May I add it only took one drop of the tar to cover my lips and it's a really nice texture and non-sticky and non-drying.
Yay, pretties.  I lovvvve this color.  I highly recommend it! I will do a further review type thing of my other colors but honestly, all of them apply great, last long and are exceedingly vibrant.  Oh, and vegan if you care about the environment and all that jazz ;)

 OCC nail polish in Pool Boy, it's like a creamy aqua.  This is three coats and so far I've worn it for a week and it has had really minimal chipping.  My roomie Bridget and I are both wearing it, so it's extra adorbs.  I love blue and green nail polish so now I have my sights set on this neonish teal and this really great swamp green.  Granted, I need more nail polish like I need a hole in the head.
In short, check out OCC if you haven't!
So yeah, my mom sent me a care package and it weighed 29 pounds!!! AHHHH! So, I have more fun things to show, eeek! But, my blog has to take a backseat because Little Shop of Horrors is opening in less than a week and I'm head of wardrobe, double eek! So, sorry if I've been a little mia and non-commenty...I still love you all!!! :D

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TGIF! Wig Time!

Hi, so this is a little post from Friday~~~~Wheeeeeee! There was a theatre party and of course my lovely chums and I decided to go all out on mismatching (the theme of the party) like dorks and this is what happens.  I of course don't have any serious makeup looks, just this adorbsness
 So it goes me, my friend Mary (would you please notice her cheekbones which are amazing) and my roomie/love of my life Bridget! So, I'm wearing Lime Crime lipstick in No She Didn't, Mary is sporting OCC's Lip Tar in Anime (which I'm obsessed with) and Bridgie is all decked out in Mint to Be by Lime Crime (which I picked out and it looked ah-maz-ing on her, esp with purple hair).  I really want to steal Bridget's wig to add to my collection (the other two are mine), she better watch out for some future kidnapping attempts.
I think we ended up looking a bit Harajuku or something like that, haha.  Great college times + cool lipstick + WIIIIIGS! = great college times.  Oh, and I will apparently be helping out with makeup for MU's production of Little Shop of Horrors (I'm also head of wardrobe) which will be super fun because it's old age makeup, which I luuuurv.  Bridge is taking stage makeup class right now so of course I'm exceedingly jealous, wah!
   Oh, and I also got cast in a student-run directing scene, so I will be even more busy, haha.  I'm sups excited though because it's Neil Simon and I get to play a 50-year-old aka my calling, so life is good.  Hope you all had a fab weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi, jeez, I've been so busy I keep forgetting I have a blog, haha.  This was a look I did based off a picture of Elizabeth Taylor for some much needed 1950's style makeup.  Well, I noticed that it's basically my normal makeup with more filled in eyebrows and highlighter, haha.  And EPA stress, my NARS Multiple in Cococabana is like five applications away from being gone.  Sadface.  Uggg, but I don't want to get a new one because they're pretty expensive...but they do last forever...hmmmm.
 Breakdown o' Products:
Lips: MAC Lip-Pencil in Cherry, Lime Crime Lipstick in Retrofuturist (ironic, no?) and Glamour 101
Face: Neutrogena Concealer in Ivory, NARS Multiple in Cococabana for highlighting, and Eyeko Fat Balm in Cherry for blush (applied heavily for that old-timey look)
Eyes: Urban Decay 24/7 H20 proof in Perversion with some Covergirl eyeshadow...neutral colors, yay
Revlon Lash Growing Mascara!

  Sorry for the half-hearted post, haha.  I'm sups tired and just got back-ish from HOURS! *dramatic sigh* of auditions for student-run directing scenes. I also got some makeup from OCC which I will review soon, eeeeeek (as my title stated) I am running behind in my makeup insanity!  Oh, I also have a little poll on my sidebar if any of you beauties cared to answer :D.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

These Are My Obsessions: Lime Crime Lip Noir +1

So, hi, my name is Shannon, and I have a little bit of an obsession/addiction to Lime Crime lipsticks...and actually all of their products.  As you all probs know I reviewed my Lime Crime Lipstick Rainbow here: HERE!!!! And now I can say that not only did I complete my rainbow with the lipstick D'Lilac BUT I was also lucky enough to get their new fall collection (Lip Noir) and let's just say, even more obsessed! Plus, it came mere days after ordering...we're talking like three days. Oh, and I'm majorly obsessed with film lip noir is like hitting two birds with one stone? Haha.
 Isn't this picture too perfect, the beam of light on my box of wonderful lipsticks...ahhh, it's a dream come true. :) I have to say this cute little pamphlet that was included in the box was really nice.
 What could it be?
Note: If you're wondering why there are four lipsticks, well, I bought Retrofuturist (red) again because I used it all up, haha. Best red ever, go get it now! 
 Quote Time...a little corny...
 Okay, first, Chinchilla! It's described as a "medium gray with lavender undertones" and, it's exactly that! Haha.  It's almost like a fall version of D'Lilac.  I wasn't sure if this would be a very wearable color, but, it turned out to be very, very wearable.  It's also a very unique color and I'm already sad it's limited edition...
 Glamour101: "Deep wine-red with berry undertones." Yay for another beautiful red color from Lime Crime! Again, this is like a "falled-up" version of their normal red.  It's a really beautiful color with great lasting time and really full coverage.  This formula of lipstick seems to be a lot more hydrating too.
 Styletto: Yes, you have already seen this picture because I already have this lipstick, haha.  I'm even wearing the same necklace, what a coincidence.  Like I said before, this is my first black lipstick and I really love it.  Again, incredible coverage, love it, me speaking like a broken record.  :)

So, overall review of this fall collection....I would marry it? I love it with an unhealthy obsession? Actually, with my gushing over Lime Crime you would never know that I'm actually a very critical to a point of insanity sometimes :P But, Lime Crime has everything I love and want in makeup. Plus, this was a present for getting into a show finally, yeahhh.....
Oh, I'm also including a picture of D'Lilac, which I will be adding to my Lipstick Rainbow post as well, you know, so its feelings aren't hurt ;)
D'Lilac: Yay for pastel purples! Because it's a lighter color it's a little bit difficult to get it looking neat, but I've found it's best to dab a little on your lips, dab a little off with a tissue and then apply a full swipe or two to get even coverage.  It's surprisingly vibrant for a pastel and most def one of my favs.
  So, go get this now? That sounds like a plan.  Lime Crime has really become one of my favorite makeup brands.  I really like how involved they are with their social media sites and responding to people's questions and concerns.  I know I would go insane if I had to answer the same question nine million times on their facebook page, haha.  Apparently they're coming out with eyeliners in the spring aka we we we so excited...we so excited. Actually, all I want is more lipstick. I need to go to lipstick anonymous...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shannon is Back in Town!

HIIIIIIIII!!!! I know I've been gone for literally forever or at least a fortnight...hah...Shakespeare getting up in my speech.  But, I have very good excuses and will list them at some point.!
1.  I went back to schooooool! AH! If you didn't know I'm a sophomore in college now! So, moving in, getting settled, all of that fun stuff had to kind of happen and *gasp* took priority over blogging.
 This is my roommate Bridget! (and me).  She is a theatre major too, but with a focus on costume design and the making of costumes.  She's actually one cool person and we became friends early in our college career.
 Here's a little sample of my room.  Bridget is still putting up some posters while mine keep falling down! It must be because I'm sups fussy and have all of my posters framed and cannot be like a normal college student and have them just be posters.  Oh, and the RHO NJ is on, in case you were wondering.
 My desk/ a scenic view of our mini fridge.  Fallen V for Vendetta poster :(
 My bed in all of its...glory? My bed is actually pretty comfy for a dorm bed and I like my little alcove (by the Mucha poster)
 THE VIEW!!! We actually have an entire wall of windows that overlooks the city of Milwaukee, it's just beautiful.  The highway can be pretty entertaining to watch when avoiding studying, haha.
Another look.  My iphone doesn't do it justice but it's soooooo nice.  I'm kind of in love with our room, it's a corner so it's bigger than others and we live in a nice dorm with a dining hall and the gym, so I never have to leave...literally.  haha, jk, jk...I have a social life....yeahhhh.
   In other news, I was also super busy because I had monologues to memorize for auditions that were the first day of class and would you believe it, I got cast in a show! It's the children's show "If You Take a Mouse to School," and it sounds adorable and I'm just so excited to be in a mainstage show.  I will be playing Teacher/Mother Mouse, so if any of you fancy coming to Milwaukee to see a children's play...just let me know ;)
   Otherwise, I am doing homework and going to the occasional party this lovely holiday weekend.  I hope everyone is doing fabulously, I missed blogging! And I promise my next post will be somehow related to makeup!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Have a Winner! I Managed Even With Packing Killing Me!

Hi...good evening, etc, etc....oy vey, I am very busy playing Sophie's Choice with all my makeup products...those lucky few that get to accompany me to school, yet, being a good blogger, I managed to calculate...randomize....pick? A winner for my latest Giveaway, YAY!!!!! And...the winner is...*drumroll* 

Witch Hazel (the artist formally known as Tiffany...) from Witchhazel's Blogspot!!!!

AHHHH, the crowd goes wild!!!!.  
So, le deal is you respond in 24 hours either on this post or by email, contacting and receiving of an address will commence and this lovely blogger gets a package o' makeup :)

Now, certain death will consume me as I get up in...three hours to drive to school, uhhhh, sleep will not happen, and in lieu of an excited picture for the winner, you get a picture of an un-amused birthday cat.
Can't wait to get back to actual consistent blogging once I'm all settled in.  Can't wait to hear from the winner yet either :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've Got Friends on the Other Side

***Wow, looky here, I've never ever, ever mentioned this GIVEAWAY in my blog...never ever. So you should...ignore it? WRONG! Please enter away and please note it may even be extended because of college madness, I'll be sure to keep you posted***
Now, onto my post! For today's look as a continuation of my Disney Villains look I did *drumroll* Dr. Facilier from "The Princess and the Frog." And I have to say I absolutely looooove his character, his voice, his song, ahhhh! I even sang his song "Friends on the Other Side" for an audition :3 which worked out nicely with my edging on baritone voice for singing, hahai'mamanwhat?hhahaha...anyway, this was kind of a more...creative interpretation of his character as opposed to a literal one.  
 Close-up on the eye
 The Doctor himself
 God, it was sooooo hard to get a decent picture of this, curse my ability or lack there of to capture a decent picture, stresss.  Anyway, I got a lot of my inspiration from Dr. Facilier's shadow (hence the shadowing/mirroring of the eyelashes) and some good old fashioned voodoo potions and things associated with all that jazz.  The color palette is derived from the character's colors (purple mainly).  I used Eyeko's purple eyeliner and Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in actually every purple color they make alongside liquid liner in Perversion.  The purple glitter was of the Nyx variety and the lashes are from EyesLipsFace.  The "smoke" was because of this character's frequent use of smoke and even glittery smoke :D.  I chose feather lashes because of some voodoo items that were in Facilier's parlor.  Voodoo for real creeps me out to no end, but when using cute feather lashes, it doesn't seem as scary...
My lip color was a mix of NAR's Lipstick in Funny Face and Revlon's Orchid with an unnamed (for real) Nyx Gloss that was magenta in color.  I darkened my eyebrows with NARS' Eyeshadow in Night Bird.  All of these villains have such dark brows!
   On another note, my blog keeps on getting referred by a goth dating site...what hell? I have some major confusion over that one.  Maybe it's because I'm into the Disney Villains, haha.  And otherwise I have been sups busy packing for college and buying for college and reading books when I should be looking at and memorizing monologues...whoops? And only two more days of work, eeeek! Summer went by oh so quickly. Until my next post...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember When I Had A Disney Villains Theme Going?

***ATTENTION annoying notice of my GIVEAWAY follows...oh, it just happened, never mind then...awkfest right here...and crickets chirp***
Soooooo, yeahhhh, I remember back in the day, I had a little Disney Villain theme a going? Yeaaaaaah, the whole Hades and Scar looks happened (links included if forgotten)., two days ago guess what was on?! ALADDIN! So, I have to obvi continue my villains look with a Jafar-inspired makeup look.  My color scheme was mainly black and red (Jafar's colors) and overall, I'm pretty happy with the look.

Ah, stress, I'm actually re-writing this portion because blogger got all screwed up, ARG! Anywhooo, eyes were a mix of Lime Crime's Magic Dusts in Siren and Diva.  Brow bone was Covergirl's Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise.  Brows were filled-in and enhanced with NARS' Eyeshadow in Night Bird.  Red eye detailing and upper lip liner was Harajuku Lovers Red Lip Pencil. My upper lip was finished with Eyeko's Liptastick in Hot Lips while the black was Lime Crime Lipstick in Styletto (a must-have black).
I finished off this look with a blushing (haha--pun..?) of NARS Powder in Nico.  
Haha, really bloodshot eyes going was late and I don't have photoshop, haha.  Oooo, you can really seem my little eyebrow scar here.  Fun fact: I got it by running into a wall playing tag inside the house with my dad.  He didn't take me to get stitches until my mom got home, so it was too late and it scarred.  But, I love my scars so it's all good.
  So, if anyone has any Villains they are dying to see, please let me know :).  Otherwise, my other news was that I recently got a Beautylish account.  It's a fun site and if you don't have one, i suggest you check it out and see mine here :3
Alright, until later darlings!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nerding About

***Oh, hi there...didn't see you meander on by...because there have been a lack of lovely people entering my GIVEAWAY! So, please do go and enter, it will be a good time :D***

I've been pretty busy as of late, so I have been neglecting my blog for a little bit here, whoops.  So, here's a dorky little picture of me in glasses:
 Okay, so I'll tell the truth, I don't really wear glasses.  I do have an obsession with glasses though and try and get my paws on any fake glasses that have clear lenses.  As a child I was so upset I had 20/20 vision not to mention both my parents wear glasses. But, these glasses  actually do help with my annoying allergies where light can really irritate my eyes, so it's not all totally insane.  Only half so.
   Because these glasses are pretty big, I did a simple eye with a sample of black Lancome eyeliner that I actually really liked.  The color didn't smudge too much throughout the day and it was pretty pigmented. I used NARS' Multiple in Cococabana for highlighting and Eyeko Fatbalm in Frosting on mi cheeks.  Because of the dark frames of my glasses I decided to do a lighter lip.  Being indecisive about what Lime Crime Lipstick to use, I mixed three together: Coquette, Great Pink Planet, and Countessa Florescent.
Oh, I got a bottle of Marc Jacob's Oh, Lola!!! For $8!!! Only because I spent nine million dollars at Ulta, so I guess it isn't the best deal...oh, well!  I actually think I like this better than the normal Lola perfume, it has a lighter more flowery-citrus scent than Lola, which is pretty musky.  
  So, besides being super busy I managed to see three movies this weekend...what? The Future, The Help, and Sarah's Key.  I recommend all of them and I will happily tell anyone about them if asked, being a film minor and all, haha...ha...ha...oh...I start college again soon, eek!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Annoyed, A Little Accepting

***What? Only a handful of people have bothered to sign up for my GIVEAWAY? How crazy! So go ahead and enter.  It will bring me happiness and yourself happiness if you win*** was a sad day this weekend when a man at Ulta told me this weekend that my favorite, life-changing, makeup staple, the product that would be included in my life if I could only use 5 products is DISCONTINUED! WHY URBAN DECAY, WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL!?????? Their liquid liner is the best ever and now they discontinued it for their new 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  They carried it in my normal color (Perversion) so I went ahead and got it to see how it compared.  And now I will air my grievances against this product:

1.  The formula dries shinier than the old one.
2.  It is also thicker, so more product is used.
3. The handle of the bottle is a little clunkier.
4. A little less precision due to the bottle design.
5. The main grievence: The size.  I understand that companies want to make as much money as they can, but they slashed the amount of liner in a bottle by...over half?!? The old liner used to contain 0.25 fl oz... and now it's 0.058? What? What? And the same price.  That makes me peeved to say the least.  Urban Decay could at least have the same amount of product, oy vey.  But, all of this does not necessarily mean I will not use this liner nor swear off Urban Decay (they have some of the best products).  It's just one of those hinderances that make people hate companies when in reality there's really nothing that can be done.

    Okay, rant ooooover! Here's some positive aspects of this liner:
1. Lasts forever
2. Even though it has a clunkier feel, it can deliver a nice, clean line and a lovely wing.
3.  Very pigmented, I sampled a few of the other colors on my hand and they were nicely colored.
4. Overall, a lovely water-proof liner, but pales in comparison with their old liner.  If you did not have the chance to compare I'm sure that you could have different views on it.

Now, because I was missing my dear Perversion liner oh so much, I could put it to good use! Here's my makeup from yesterday and today using my new liner:
 So, it looks pretty much the same applied, only a little glossier. Lipstick is Lime Crime's Retrofuterist and Eyeshadow is a mix of Lime Crime's Magic Dust in Diva and Covergirl Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise and MAC...Lemon Yellow Color...whoops, can't find the eyeshadow I used...I'll fix that once I find it. Highlighting was done with NARS Multiple in Cococabana and NARS Blush in Orgasm is on le cheeks.
 This was my first time actually wearing the liner so there's a little bit of that liquid liner bleeding look...a little 
 Covergirl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Golden Sunrise, waterline lined with Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Electric.  Lipstick is Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn.
 Pardon the stupid mouth, but OMG my nails matched my lips...kind of a big deal (nailpolish is essie in Splash of Grenadine).  I went to see "Crazy, Stupid Love" with my friend Erin (which was amazing, I luuuurved it) and she flipped out when she saw the matchyness.  It must be her color-cordinating preppy-ness taking over.  She pulls it off quite well and is extremely stylish with good taste.  I shall one day feature her here :)
 The liner, very thin with a huge handle, like over half the bottle turns out to be handle so I'm always accidentally opening it backwards/upside down.
This liner does last forever though, this picture was taken after applying the liner to my hand almost...a whole 24 hours WHICH included a shower and multiple hand washings.  So, very impressive stay power.
Hope you enjoyed this little rant/review/acceptance in the last stage of grieving over the loss of my original liner.  I will always remember it fondly...

Another Giveaway?! Part Two: The Plot Thickens *closed*

Hi Lovlies! Sorry I've been pretty MIA, but, I've come back to announce my second giveaway of my three part giveaway!  If you will notice, the prizes have increased and multiplied! So enter away, there's nothing you could loose and if you do win, you could receive:
3 elf lipsticks
2 fake eyelash sets (blue and feather-y)
1 mascara
1 elf brush set
10 lip glosses
1 elf 100 shadow palette
1 harajuku lovers makeup bag
2 tokidoki pencil eyeliners
**hmm...the tokidoki eyeliners could be a hint of what's to come...* 

SOOOOO, to win these lovely items and increase your chances of winning you must:
*closed, sorry loves*

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The winner will be randomly selected on August 25th, 2011

The contest is open internationally as well as domestically and all that jazz.
Well, thank you for making this giveaway possible and good luck, break a leg, and be sure to spread the word :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Look Ma, I Got Gills! Dun dun...dun dun...DAH!

My favorite holiday week in the whole universe is SHARK WEEK! AJFve37378&%%#$^%$%&*!!!! And I'm not one of those people who happen upon Shark Week, I legit knew when it was coming.  And, with Shark Week being pretty popular and such (trending on twitter=popular...hahaha..hah.ha) I'm surprised that there has been no shark-inspired makeup.  Really? I mean, sharks totes deserve a week to themselves and therefore deserve makeup inspired by frothing bloody water and the consumption of adorable water creatures.
 When good lips turn into sharks...just a cute little something-something I did when I was bored with my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case (Red, Black/White, White)
 I'm a shark! Again, I used my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case for the eye.  I coated my lids with the silver and than did detail lines and "gills" on my eyelids with black.  It was just a lot of blending and surrounding the eye in silver.  I added Nyx Glitter Cream Palette Glitter (in Paradise--Silver) extending from the bottom of my eyes and at the last minute decided on some red stripes a la chumming the proverbial water alongside the red dots by the corners of my eyes.  Haha, I feel like my explanation is not as detailed as I normally's probs because I've been having issues doing looks I feel are worthy enough to waste energy of those makeup...blocks?
 Lips were lined and filled with a Harjuku Lovers Red Lip Pencil.  And coated with NARS Gloss in Indian Red (LOOOOVE IT!).  I chose red because, again, sharks mouths are actually very red and they tend to be all bloody, yay! I highlighted with the Silver I used on my eyelids.
See the gills? Seeeeee?
Okay, I am majorly tired from all this shark week watching.  See you cats later with another giveaway post :D