Monday, January 2, 2012

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Review and Swatch(es)!!!! or Super Happy Glossy Fun Time!

Hi darlings! Sooooo, remember how I said, "oh, yes, I am back blogging and being awesome in regards to blogging!!!" Weeeeelllll, that kind of fell..through...yeah.  So, I am reinstating the statement of "oh, yes, I am back blogging and being awesome in regards to blogging!!!" In honor of that fact, I am showing off some of my neat-o and sparkly makeup Christmas presents! First up is none other than one of my favorite ever makeup brands eva: LIME CRIME! I've done some reviews and swatches of their lipsticks here and here and now I was gifted by my darling mother their new winter collection of Carousel Gloss! There are five different glosses in the collection and I was lucky enough to get them all (only child moment).  I adore lipgloss as much as any other girl because obvi my lipgloss be poppin' and cool and all the boys be...okay, I'll end that song reference here...anyway, I have a ton of lipgloss, I love it, it's fun, it's typically in adorable packaging.  My one issue with gloss is that one can never ever seem to get a deep color from gloss.  I ALWAYS have to put it over lipstick because it is again, never deep enough in color.
   Well, I have found my dream opaque gloss...i can wear it without lipstick and still have it look like the full colored lip that I never leave the house without.  I have found...Carousel Gloss...*cue dramatic music and equally dramatic staring into the distance*
There are five colors in this gloss collection:
 The packaging for this product is pure bliss!
(As pictured): Kaleidoscope, Loop-De-Loop, Golden Ticket, Cherry on Top, and Candy Apple
Overall, the colors of these glosses are beautiful and fairly unique, especially the molten gorgeous gold and the darker glosses.  All of my swatches are on me (obvi) and are one thin-ish coat of the gloss on bare lips.
 Kaleidoscope: a beautiful
 Kaleidoscope: a beautiful plum almost bordering on royal purple.  There are turquoise "sparkles" or little bits of glitter, but they aren't super noticeable in the gloss.  It's a very unique gloss color and I simply adore it.  I would recommend trying it over Mac's "Rebel" lipstick or another purple of your choice.
 Loop-De-Loop: I'm pretty sure this gloss ties for my favorite from the collection.  It's a deep sapphire that is really wearable.  Because it is a darker blue it would be flattering on many different skin tones and doesn't have a super cartoon-y feel for being a "different" color.  Very classy ;).  Oh, I was also very excited that it matched the shirt I was wearing, haha.  I also tried mixing a little on top of a red lipstick the other day and it gave it such a beautiful blue-red look that I adore.  Ah, I'm rambling, but, what can I say...I'm obsessing?
 Golden Ticket: I'VE FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET, FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET! Yes, when I was applying this I had every Willy Wonka related song stuck in my head.  I loveeeee love love this color.  I am a sucker for metallic and shiny objects (much like a bird or a small child) and this gloss delivers.  It is probs the most opaque of all of the glosses and the finish is like a golden version of mercury, haha.  Plus, you can jazz basically any color of lipstick up with a bit of this on top.  Frankly, I'd be very interested to see Lime Crime make a silver gloss *hint hint* :)
 Cherry on Top: This gloss is a very pink red and probably my least favorite of the collection just because it is a fairly normal gloss, not that that is a bad thing.  It has nice coverage and certainly works over any red or bright pink lipstick.  I tried a touch over Lime Crime's "Retrofuturist" lipstick (one of the best reds out there) and really liked the effect. This gloss alone creates a more subdued red lip and really intensifies reds placed under it with a rainbow sparkle.
Candy Apple: Candy Apple has been used for all of the advertisements for the collection and certainly did not disappoint.  It's red red red and obvi super pretty and opaque.  With this one I really noticed the super smooth texture of the gloss that wasn't too sticky and wasn't too slippery so you'd end up with a ring of wandering gloss everywhere except your lips.  
   Sooo, very pretty, no?  I really love this collection as a whole and each gloss applies like a dream.  The gloss brushes are fairly small and therefore manageable and gives a precise application that again, means you won't have gloss on your chin and such.  YAAAAY

Oh, and in my package of glosses a Lime Crime sticker and postcard were included which was cute and appreciated for money spent :).  

   In conclusion, I really recommend the Carousel Gloss collection.  The packaging is adorable, the colors are beautiful, they have full coverage, and are sparkly :D.  The price is a liiiittle steep for gloss ($17 a tube, $65 for all five) but, personally, I think it's worth it.  
I hope all of you had a fabulous New Year and may 2012 be filled with fun, makeup, and me actually updating my blog, haha.


  1. I'm in all sorts of love with the Lime Crime lippies... if only I could afford em. Argh! Have you tried the OCC lip tars? How do these compare?

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  2. woah!!
    I love your look hun! you look like a doll! The colors look amazing on you!!!

    I'm currently having a giveaway! check it out and join if you would like!! good luck!!


  3. Chrissy: I have tried OCC's lip tars and I really love those as well! The tars are more of a hybrid of lipstick and gloss, therefore pretty different from Lime Crime's products. I'd also say their stay-power is a mix between a stick and a gloss--it doesn't smudge off as fast as gloss or is as sticky, but it doesn't have the lasting power of lipstick. I'd certainly give the lip tars a try though, they come in some great colors and are a great buy. Hope that helped! :)

  4. Oooooh. I have Kaleidoscope coming in the mail any day now and I'm desperate to see how it looks! This post got me super excited!!! Wee!!!

  5. That right there is why I never make proclamations ;p

    I think Kaleidoscope is -the- most amazing out of the collection.. I'm in love with that color, especially on you!

    Happy New Year Shannon, glad to see you back, hope to see you more ;)

  6. I know, I have to be more careful about what I say, eeeek O_O