Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Purple Rain

 This past week/end was Easter break, yaaaay! Only three more weeks and my freshman year is over, eeek! Anyway, I had a chance to go to my lovely mall of america and do some major shopping (including a ton of makeup) and drop off a couple job applications, eeeekkk! Because I reside in Milwaukee, the malls are unfortch and I haven't been able to really go, so I missed out on MAC's "So Cute" line :(.  Though, I did manage to snag the pastely eyeshadow quad in Cute (Pictured Below).
The colors are super pale...I applied the purple and pink on my look above, but it didn't really show that well (you can also see that in the picture below).  I think I'll try them out on a friend with a darker skin tone and maybe mess around with them so more, because after all, they're sooooo cute!
      After I applied the eyeshadow, I did a triple wing cat's eye with Urban Decay's Liquid Liner in Ecstasy.  I curled the lashes and applied Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Mascara.  
    Lipstick was Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 7, which is part of a new lipstick collection they put together and has SUPER creamy luscious colors, I'm obsessed! I applied a little bit of MAC's Kissable Lipcolour in Vanity Fair to make my lips more pastel like the eyes.  Finished off with MAC Powder Blush in Tippy.
Pretty painted nails! Yay for lavender polish!
 Essie Nailpolish in Lilacism
I think I might do some color related postings, today was dedicated to pastel purples and lilacs....and I guess follow the rainbow?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling Owly

 Pensive Owl Face
So, this is what my last blog posting was kind of based off of, ANIMAL assignment from makeup class, yay! Anyway, it was all done with Ben Nye Makeup, a stage makeup brand that has soooo many colors and fun little attachments! Also, if you're wondering about the hair, it was part of some extra credit to incorporate hair, so I added little horns like a horned owl :)
Because this makeup was so color heavy with a high risk of bleeding/becoming a mess of mixed colors, I used some cheap paintbrushes as opposed to normal makeup brushes so I wouldn't wreck my good brushes.  Anywhoo, paintbrushes are a really great investment for makeup, especially with costume makeup, it's so much easier to throw them away and they really work as well for application.  
Thanks for reading and don't forget to please follow my blog! :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bird Noises *cough hack blehhhh*

So on this lovely Friday evening I am sick with a sinus infection/cold/general patheticness...yay?  So, I decided to put this concoction I came up with earlier in the week when I couldn't fall asleep when I found my forgotten collection of false eyelashes!
 Haha, I'm so arty...just kidding.  This look was like a cross between a bird of prey (owl) and something from the musical Cabaret I've decided.  I used these rando cheap feather eyelashes I found at Forever 21 for the top and the bottom were some Walgreens buyable brand.  My favorite eyelash glue is by Shu Uemera...but it's getting so hard to find that brand in stores...hmmm, hopefully they aren't shutting down anytime soon.  The trick to applying falsies is to put a little layer of glue on them and then blow just a little so the glue will become tacky and are then easier to apply.  It works every time :)

 Wide-eyed scary look, haha.  The lipstick was MAC in Red She Said. I decided to do the not covered lipstick look to make my lips more beakish.  I made the rest of my lips duller using some of the brown from my Makeup Forever color palette (which is what i used to fill in my eyebrows like feathers, do the feather pattern on the side of my eyes and what I used for eyeliner, it's so versatile!)  For highlighting I actually used a blush brush and dusted Urban Decay Eyeshadow in S&M to give it a more translucent and silver feel.
I hope you all enjoyed this not necessarily wearable look...but it's still a lot of fun.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pop Art Panic

I've been a bit ill the past week, so makeup hasn't exactly been like my no. 1 priority. Plus, I've been so busy with rehearsals, school, life, etcetera, it's been pushed down on the list...which is unacceptable, of course.  Therefore, I'm revisiting one of my looks from makeup class first semester.  I really love Roy Lichtenstein and so for "fantasy makeup" I did my look after his work!  I would really like to find the time to redo this look with some other products besides my Ben Nye Makeup Kit because the black started to smudge a little and we only had about an hour to do the whole look...so Lichtenstein might resurface at a later date...until then, enjoy!

 The dots were sooooooooooooooo takes three days to say how "so" tedious and because I had to apply them first the smudge factor was extreme. Doing makeup like this on yourself is tres difficult! I think next time I'll use a smaller brush to get a finer look.  I really like the fierce eyebrows though and the outlining under the nose.
Like I said, this whole look was achieved using my Ben Nye Makeup Kit I've mentioned in earlier posts.  The red for the lips and the dots were actually from the Injury Wheel and the black was from just the normal one...the name escapes me.  Everything was set with a translucent powder after the fact to make it not as smudgy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lace and Netting and Gross Floors

 SOOOOOO, this weekend I went to a *gasp* frat party and so I needed to of course have fab makeup...haha.  The party itself was average...waaay too many drunk people groping each other and the strobe lights made me feel a little like I was trapped in the rave scene of Black Swan. The floors were so soaked in beer I would have ruined my Hunter flats if they had not been waterproofed aka apparently beerproof too.
 I could not get the best picture of my look, but I used Guerlain Terracotta Khol Kajal Intense Indian Khol for my eyeliner on the top and bottom, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked mixed with some swooping of Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Clash (you can see the hints of blue in the wings of my liner and I mixed some with my bottom black liner to not make the look super harsh.
I used NARS' Multiple in Cococabana for highlighting the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, above my lips, and under my brows and blended well.  Finally, my lips were filled in with MAC's Lip Pencil in Cherry and then covered with MAC's Lipstick in Rubywoo.  I found this super cool Lancome black lipgloss (i believe the color was Pila or something like that) to add some darker values to the pure red lips look, plus Rubywoo can be a SUPER matte lip-drying color.  So, did I look frat appropriate? HAHA...joke.