Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There Appears to be a Black Swan in My Discussion...

 It appears that a lot of people have seen Black Swan.  I'm a fan more for the visual aspects than the Natalie Portman running around looking distressed (though, the mother and the creeper dance instructor were fab).  I absolutely adored the makeup, so when a class was cancelled today, my friend Marian and I decided to paint our nails and I randomly did swan makeup.
 This is the completed look (we were on our way to class).  It took about 15 minutes to complete, so there are things I could go over...but, she still looks lovely :)
First, I applied a white base with a sponge on Marian's forehead and around her nose and just to her cheeks.  I then marked some areas with silver and then made the outline of the eye design with a black eyeliner pencil.  I filled in the black with a creme black color and then went over the silver to make it deeper and more detailed
 The lip color was created from mixing a bunch of injury colors together (bruise purple, blood red, and some creepy brickish color) from the Ben Nye Injury Creme Wheel.
The Supplies: Ben Nye Cream Makeup Kit 
                         Makeup Forever 12 Flash Colors Case
                         Walgreens paintbrushes and Target makeup sponges

What do you think? Hauntingly swanish, no? Oh, and Marian did go to our Media and Society discussion and received many a gaping stares and was apparently trending on Twitter.  I guess this movie just gets a lot of attention.

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