Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be Prepared

Another lovely summer day at my volunteering/kind of job, haha.  I was listening to my ipod from my car to the Interact building and "Be Prepared" came on and I suddenly recalled my Scar makeup look I did this past weekend.  Scar has to be one of my favorite Disney villains (and not just because the love of my life, Jeremy Irons, did his voice).  I was, of course, very upset when Mufasa died but "Be Prepared" was my favorite "Lion King" song and I still loved Scar.  When I was little I called it "Scar's Tango" and literally watched it and rewatched it on VHS to a point of needing a new tape of the Lion King.  
So, I did a semi-literal approach to Scar makeup but not to the point of doing a lion's face :)
I wish the conturing I did on my face showed up better, but I did a lot of highlighting and shadowing to get a more feline (?) look by applying (with a sponge) Ben Nye Creme Highlight CH-0 Ultralite and Creme Shadow CS-3 Character Shadow.  BUT, as a base, I dusted my face with Urban Decay Baked Bronzer to get the whole tanner look, not that it worked on my uber pale skin :P.
 For the eyes, I followed the basic representation of scar in the movie with a dark black liner and filling in my eyebrows with black and then making a shape and filling in with a brown.  I used the Brown and Black from my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case and filled in my lips with the same black.  I softened the  black out with some white on my lips, which was also there to kind of match the white beard-mane without an actual drawn beard.  The literal scar was drawn on with a mixture of Hot Topic Red Eye/Lip Pencil and the Coral color from the Flash Case.

 The song, actually one of the best Disney songs ever and fab in general.  Maybe I could wear it out on yourtube as well...
I teased my hair a bit to match Scar's mane, which is perfect because I have a slight widow's peak too! Has anyone noticed that grownup Simba has total 90's hair?

On another note...just a typical day at Interact, I love this place!
So, even though it now appears that there are a ton of Disney looks in the blog-o-sphere as of late I was thinking of doing a Disney villain theme of looks.  Sounds good?


  1. I love the makeup look! I was also so upset when Mufasa died, so awful! This rocks, i'm following your blog now! =)

  2. ohh I bet you had fun with this one! And your new job sounds awesome they are having a blast!

  3. I like this, it's totally accurate and a lot of fun!

  4. Sounds good for sure, DISNEY IS THE WAY FORWARD. My favourite characters are the sidekicks and the baddies. Go for it! x

  5. Oh, how cool and different. Love it!

  6. Very awesome good job! I awarded you on my blog, come check it out!

    Meghan aka Pinupcherrymakeup