Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Have a Winner! I Managed Even With Packing Killing Me!

Hi...good evening, etc, etc....oy vey, I am very busy playing Sophie's Choice with all my makeup products...those lucky few that get to accompany me to school, yet, being a good blogger, I managed to calculate...randomize....pick? A winner for my latest Giveaway, YAY!!!!! And...the winner is...*drumroll* 

Witch Hazel (the artist formally known as Tiffany...) from Witchhazel's Blogspot!!!!

AHHHH, the crowd goes wild!!!!.  
So, le deal is you respond in 24 hours either on this post or by email, contacting and receiving of an address will commence and this lovely blogger gets a package o' makeup :)

Now, certain death will consume me as I get up in...three hours to drive to school, uhhhh, sleep will not happen, and in lieu of an excited picture for the winner, you get a picture of an un-amused birthday cat.
Can't wait to get back to actual consistent blogging once I'm all settled in.  Can't wait to hear from the winner yet either :D


  1. haaaaa that cats hilarious, conrats to thaa winner(;

    <3 BB


    Congraty-grats winner!

  3. Rats, I finally win and miss my deadline ;[ I lost all my subs on Google Reader and have had a hard time keeping up lately. Thanks for [randomly] picking me! I appreciate it even if it's been passed on to someone else ;) The birthday cat made my dayyyyyyy.. because it's my birthday month and I needed that ;D