Monday, August 15, 2011

Nerding About

***Oh, hi there...didn't see you meander on by...because there have been a lack of lovely people entering my GIVEAWAY! So, please do go and enter, it will be a good time :D***

I've been pretty busy as of late, so I have been neglecting my blog for a little bit here, whoops.  So, here's a dorky little picture of me in glasses:
 Okay, so I'll tell the truth, I don't really wear glasses.  I do have an obsession with glasses though and try and get my paws on any fake glasses that have clear lenses.  As a child I was so upset I had 20/20 vision not to mention both my parents wear glasses. But, these glasses  actually do help with my annoying allergies where light can really irritate my eyes, so it's not all totally insane.  Only half so.
   Because these glasses are pretty big, I did a simple eye with a sample of black Lancome eyeliner that I actually really liked.  The color didn't smudge too much throughout the day and it was pretty pigmented. I used NARS' Multiple in Cococabana for highlighting and Eyeko Fatbalm in Frosting on mi cheeks.  Because of the dark frames of my glasses I decided to do a lighter lip.  Being indecisive about what Lime Crime Lipstick to use, I mixed three together: Coquette, Great Pink Planet, and Countessa Florescent.
Oh, I got a bottle of Marc Jacob's Oh, Lola!!! For $8!!! Only because I spent nine million dollars at Ulta, so I guess it isn't the best deal...oh, well!  I actually think I like this better than the normal Lola perfume, it has a lighter more flowery-citrus scent than Lola, which is pretty musky.  
  So, besides being super busy I managed to see three movies this weekend...what? The Future, The Help, and Sarah's Key.  I recommend all of them and I will happily tell anyone about them if asked, being a film minor and all, haha...ha...ha...oh...I start college again soon, eek!


  1. Those glasses are so cute!! I only have practical seeing glasses and I usually don't bother with makeup when I wear them, maybe I should start.

  2. I absolutely adore your glasses! They're such a cute accessory.

  3. I love your nerdy look! So cute :D I quite like how I can get something in return from a store after spending a bazillion bucks there. LOL. I'm still waiting to use my cash voucher from a favorite make up store of mine.