Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Little Annoyed, A Little Accepting

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Hi...it was a sad day this weekend when a man at Ulta told me this weekend that my favorite, life-changing, makeup staple, the product that would be included in my life if I could only use 5 products is DISCONTINUED! WHY URBAN DECAY, WHY ARE YOU SO CRUEL!?????? Their liquid liner is the best ever and now they discontinued it for their new 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  They carried it in my normal color (Perversion) so I went ahead and got it to see how it compared.  And now I will air my grievances against this product:

1.  The formula dries shinier than the old one.
2.  It is also thicker, so more product is used.
3. The handle of the bottle is a little clunkier.
4. A little less precision due to the bottle design.
5. The main grievence: The size.  I understand that companies want to make as much money as they can, but they slashed the amount of liner in a bottle by...over half?!? The old liner used to contain 0.25 fl oz... and now it's 0.058? What? What? And the same price.  That makes me peeved to say the least.  Urban Decay could at least have the same amount of product, oy vey.  But, all of this does not necessarily mean I will not use this liner nor swear off Urban Decay (they have some of the best products).  It's just one of those hinderances that make people hate companies when in reality there's really nothing that can be done.

    Okay, rant ooooover! Here's some positive aspects of this liner:
1. Lasts forever
2. Even though it has a clunkier feel, it can deliver a nice, clean line and a lovely wing.
3.  Very pigmented, I sampled a few of the other colors on my hand and they were nicely colored.
4. Overall, a lovely water-proof liner, but pales in comparison with their old liner.  If you did not have the chance to compare I'm sure that you could have different views on it.

Now, because I was missing my dear Perversion liner oh so much, I could put it to good use! Here's my makeup from yesterday and today using my new liner:
 So, it looks pretty much the same applied, only a little glossier. Lipstick is Lime Crime's Retrofuterist and Eyeshadow is a mix of Lime Crime's Magic Dust in Diva and Covergirl Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise and MAC...Lemon Yellow Color...whoops, can't find the eyeshadow I used...I'll fix that once I find it. Highlighting was done with NARS Multiple in Cococabana and NARS Blush in Orgasm is on le cheeks.
 This was my first time actually wearing the liner so there's a little bit of that liquid liner bleeding look...a little 
 Covergirl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Golden Sunrise, waterline lined with Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Electric.  Lipstick is Lime Crime's Airborne Unicorn.
 Pardon the stupid mouth, but OMG my nails matched my lips...kind of a big deal (nailpolish is essie in Splash of Grenadine).  I went to see "Crazy, Stupid Love" with my friend Erin (which was amazing, I luuuurved it) and she flipped out when she saw the matchyness.  It must be her color-cordinating preppy-ness taking over.  She pulls it off quite well and is extremely stylish with good taste.  I shall one day feature her here :)
 The liner, very thin with a huge handle, like over half the bottle turns out to be handle so I'm always accidentally opening it backwards/upside down.
This liner does last forever though, this picture was taken after applying the liner to my hand almost...a whole 24 hours WHICH included a shower and multiple hand washings.  So, very impressive stay power.
Hope you enjoyed this little rant/review/acceptance in the last stage of grieving over the loss of my original liner.  I will always remember it fondly...


  1. myerhhh I hate when companies mess with/get rid of something that doesn't need it. I too loved the old liquid liner. But I'm a little shaky handed so maybe this thicker formula would be better to keep a straight line?

    otherwise, I kind of like the glossy finish on the liner. It seems like glossy eye makeup is on the rise in trends, maybe this is something we'll start seeing with other companies within the next few months

  2. Oooooooh I love the nail polish and lip color match! So cute! I will have to get both!

  3. I hate when companies do that, so infuriating! I didn't even know you were having a giveaway, I'll have to check it out and enter!

  4. Sigh. I hate it when great selling stuff are being discontinued. It's also so totally uncool the fact that the size is smaller yet the price remains the same. Yuck. That screams expensive to me.

    Anyway, at least the new formula has an impressive lasting power :)

  5. I swatched those new liners at Ulta not too long ago (swatches on my blog) and fell in love. I never used the old liner so I had no idea it was so much less product.. that kind of bums me out. On the other hand, I already have a HG black liner (Kat Von D) so I'm more interested in the brighter shades like ElDorado, Woodstock, and Radium. Since they're not colors I would use daily, even the tiny amount that comes in the tube should last me quite a while. I'm still bent on getting some.

  6. Aww thank you! you are too sweet! is your dog a maltese?

  7. i have some awards for you love(:

    <3 BB

  8. I have to try some Lime Crime lippies~ They look gorgeous on you~!

  9. I just bought my very first UD product - the 15yr anniversary pallet. Thanks for this liner review.xoxo

  10. Thats sad!! but hope the new one makes up for it :)
    I love how u do the winged eye... :)