Sunday, February 27, 2011


 So, I was going through my old pictures and came across these gems from this Halloween.  My friends Pete, Vito, and Marian decided to go as the Human Centipede from that ghastly terrible movie, The Human Centipede.  Pete and Vito were B and C in this chain (and if you don't know what I'm talking about...don't watch this movie, it's seriously grotesque, just bear with these small details) and so, they needed to have scars down their faces from surgery.  I used Ben Nye Face Wax and a mix of my injury wheel and fake blood and some thread to get this look.  It was difficult to say the least beccause I did not have much time to do this, and
the wax tends to melt.  Scary, right?

Marian was sporting the slutty horror girl whose makeup runs because she's been crying and she gets a bloody nose from being kicked in the face by the evil doctor in the movie.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flasher Flapper

No, this is not a moody teen's based off a real flapper
 So, I am treeeeees tired after doing my homework until five in the morning.  That being said, I have pretty bad bags under my, what covers hideous circles under the eyes? EYELINER!!! I decided to go back to the 20's and have a flapper themed makeup post.  It was super easy to do and could probably be acceptable to use in real life...maybe.I used Guerlain's Terracotta Kohl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl (a cute little thick eyeliner) for my eyes with just a tiny hint of silver from my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Colors Case.  I do not typically wear under eye liner, so it was a new thing.  I penciled in and extended my eyebrows with a deep brown 24/7 eyeliner by Urban Decay in Bourban to give it that dramatic brow look that was o' so popular in the early 20th century.
    Then, I used the ever classic MAC lipstick in MAC Red to fill in my lips, give them a lovely cupid's bow and extend my bottom lip into a bigger pout.  I dabbed some of MAC's Creme Color Base in Movie Star Red on the apple's of my cheeks (extending upwards) for a finishing touch.

Very flapperish, no? After I took off some of this and took a nap and then went to call for my college's production of The Laramie Project, my friend Tyler asked me if I had done my makeup a la flapper...I guess it still showed even after getting some needed shut-eye :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Premature Aging

 This was another one of my makeup class ventures: AGING!!! This was another one of my favorites, partially because I act like an old lady most of the time. :)
 The whole aging process is actually fairly simple, it's mostly a balance of shadows and highlights with the perfect amount of speckling of the skin as a finish.  I used a lighter base than I typically would to give my skin a more washed out appearance.  I mapped out all of my lines with the shadow creme base and then followed with highlights, scrunching my face to make it have lines and going over those and then adding highlights right next to the shadow lines.  To make my face texture look even older, I used my best friend the stipple sponge and dotted my whole face with highlight then shadow then highlight and more shadow.
    The wrinkled lips effect is created by duck-facing your lips and spreading highlight over them.  Then filling in some of the little lines with shadow. Age spots were added in some select areas to again, age me.  I also whited out my eyebrows to make them gray and wore a gross grey wig!  I think my "hipster" not actual glasses brought the whole look together too (see above picture).
                                                     tired old person face...
I think I want to eventually try this look again and see if I can get some of the shadows to blend a little I have two pairs of fake glasses that could really work wonders on my old ladyishness.

Once again, I relied solely on my wonderful Ben Nye Creme Makeup Kit it has all the shadows and highlights and sponges and brushes you need to age.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Height of Normality?

the finished look
This Saturday, my darling friend Bridget and I on a whim decided to venture to a Milwaukee anime convention...I can hear the crickets chirping and some of the groans of disbelief.  Yes, I used to be really into that whole Japanese anime bit, not much anymore, but I enjoy the people watching at these freak-fests. 
a candidish of Bridget and me at the scccccaaarrry convention. See the fear?
  See, I have a theory about some of these conventions.  Like the airport, or a local fair, or hotels in general there are these people who literally do not live in normal society.  They just venture out of their out of city limits hovels and or caves to come to these sorts of events or places.  It's just plain odd.
   Anyway, it was going to be a long day of people watching, so it was a wig kind of day.  My makeup was pretty much my usual, with some more dramatic wigs and some slight purple eyeliner on my under-eye, which I used as a contrast to the white on my eyelid.  
a closer look at the eyes...
  I used my typical Neutorgena foundation (Neutrogena SkinClearing in Classic Ivory 10) and Garnier: Skin-Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller.  Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Pervasion was applied to my upper lid in a nice thick continual line with an upturned wing and then Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero was drawn above the black.  Hot Topic magentaish eyeliner was applied under my lids across my water line.  I used a Lancome CILS Booster XL and Maybelline: The Turbo Volume Express Hydrofuge mascara. I'm still on the fence whether I really like that Maybelline mascara...hmmm.  To better define my eyebrows, I  brushed some of MAC's Brow Set (Show-Off) which fills in my brows well and grooms them nicely :) .
   As a finish, I rubbed MAC Cremeblend Blush in Flordia on the apples of my cheeks (just a tiny bit) and Tom Ford lipstick in Pure Pink.  My new favorite setter in the world has to be Urban Decay: De Slick which, i mist lightly over my whole face.  It preserves any makeup extremeeeeeely well for hours upon hours.  A definite must-have.
   My makeup lasted the whole day really well and I think I'm getting ready for some more dramatic liner wings...OH NO! O_O and investments in some more wigs!

Note:  My pink wig was actually bought at Sally's Wig shop in Minneapolis, my giant bow headband is a Forever 21 creation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There Appears to be a Black Swan in My Discussion...

 It appears that a lot of people have seen Black Swan.  I'm a fan more for the visual aspects than the Natalie Portman running around looking distressed (though, the mother and the creeper dance instructor were fab).  I absolutely adored the makeup, so when a class was cancelled today, my friend Marian and I decided to paint our nails and I randomly did swan makeup.
 This is the completed look (we were on our way to class).  It took about 15 minutes to complete, so there are things I could go over...but, she still looks lovely :)
First, I applied a white base with a sponge on Marian's forehead and around her nose and just to her cheeks.  I then marked some areas with silver and then made the outline of the eye design with a black eyeliner pencil.  I filled in the black with a creme black color and then went over the silver to make it deeper and more detailed
 The lip color was created from mixing a bunch of injury colors together (bruise purple, blood red, and some creepy brickish color) from the Ben Nye Injury Creme Wheel.
The Supplies: Ben Nye Cream Makeup Kit 
                         Makeup Forever 12 Flash Colors Case
                         Walgreens paintbrushes and Target makeup sponges

What do you think? Hauntingly swanish, no? Oh, and Marian did go to our Media and Society discussion and received many a gaping stares and was apparently trending on Twitter.  I guess this movie just gets a lot of attention.

Somebody must have pulled a Chris Brown...

 So, this is the typical appearance of yours truly...maybe a little more jaundice-y than usual because of the lighting in my kitchen, but I digress...
 This is me after someone gave me a black eye, cut my lip up a bit, scratched up my nose and chin, oh, and gave me a third degree burn in the middle of my cheek.  Fun, no?  Injury makeup was probably one of my favorite projects. The scratch effects were made using a stipple sponge. The lip was some red creme-based Ben Nye color from an Injury wheel (the black eye was made from the same wheel).
The burn was a little more difficult.  I had to apply spirit gum (nasty-smelling makeup adhesive) with cotton and wax over my cheek, rip it open and apply black for the worst part of the burn.  I covered the rest of the wax and part of my actual skin in red and a mix of black and purple from the Ben Nye injury makeup wheel.  For a final touch, I put fake blood in the middle of the wound and let it drip down.
    When I did this in class, afterwards I went to one of the dining halls for lunch with all this still on.  I had about five people approach me, thinking I had been injured, it was pretty funny.
  Note: To achieve this look, all you really need is this neat-o Ben Nye makeup kit.  It has everything and costs about $40 on Amazon.  The slightly worn away pink lipstick I'm wearing is a discontinued MAC lipstick called "Hollywood Nights" from the  Heatherette collection. If only they still made it!!! AHHHHH

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beginnings...

   So, as one likely (or perhaps does not) know, I took a theatrical makeup class at my lovely college and as a result, have really developed a stronger love of makeup in a...technical sense.  I have always been obsessed with make up (Sephora is pure danger for my wallet) and now I want to work with it in an  "everyday wear" and in a professional/theater-y way. Just call it a new hobby. :)
   In this blog you will see some past work I did in the class I took and some new ideas or looks.  I am always open for suggestions, so if you can think of a certain character from a movie or book I should try, let me know.  Thanks for reading!