Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Black

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Unless you have been living under a rock (many pardons to rock-dwellers), the singer Amy Winehouse died this weekend.  I have been a huge Winehouse for years and it's just so sad how many demons and what a mess such a talented artist had.  She really reinvented popular music and made classic jazz and blues mainstream.  It's just unfortunate that she didn't put out another album, but then again, she's been in pretty rough shape for a while.  Anyway, besides her voice, her iconic makeup and hair is...iconic.  I decided to do a Winehouse inspired look while listening to the album "Back to Black" on repeat.  
 Her winged liner is obviously the main focal point.  When researching her makeup it was interesting to see the variations of her giant wing liner.  I used Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black for my eyes. I used the included brush and lined my entire lid and drew guidelines for the wings and filled those in.  She didn't typically have under-eye liner, so I just used some mascara.
 I always thought Amy had a mole, but I guess it's a Monroe piercing.  I improvised with a little jewel from Michael's and glued it on Shu Uemura Eyelash Adhesive.
I have very un-arched eyebrows so I improvised by filling in my brows with NAR's Shadow in Night Bird and making more of a point with some liner that was leftover on my brush.
 Her lip color changed all of the time, but she was most commonly seen wearing a light pink or peachy.  I  used Estee Lauder Long Lasting Lipstick in Rubellite, dabbed it with a tissue and applied MAC Kissable Lipcolour in Vanity Fair to pink things up.  I teased my hair, which is now a rat's nest too, but it's not a complete look without an attempt at a beehive.

 "Tears Dry on Their Own"
On a happier note, my nails matched my bubble tea (Revlon Top Speech Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Super Nature)
I promise this is my last one, "Valerie" sung live, most def one of her most underrated songs.  Ah, so sad, but at least we can concentrate on her wonderful music.


  1. RIP Amy, and I agree, Valerie is one of my faves. It needs more love.

  2. I preferred her cover of Valerie to the original for sure. I wore black eyeliner the day after as tribute, so this post wins my heart. RIP Winehouse x