Friday, July 8, 2011

Hades, Oh Wait, I Meant to Say "James Woods"

Sooooo, this is my second part of my Disney Villains series of looks, yaaaaaay.  I chose Hades from "Hercules" because I just had bought a great cheap turquoise eyeliner AND i was *gasp* watching Family Guy and one of the episodes with James Woods was on so obvi my series of thoughts would go James Woods->James Woods playing James Woods playing Hades playing James Woods, because honestly, that character is pretty much all Mr. Woods, haha.  Love it so much though and even though Meg is not teeechnically a "princess," she has one of the best songs.  I used to listen to it on tape during road trips over and over again, because we were going the distance, ahhhhhhh. 
 Wish I had some tooth coloring to do his creepy jagged teeth, alas, until a later day....
 This look was more of an.. "arty?" take on Hades using certain colors from his character and applying it not quite as literally as my Scar look.  After priming and prepping, I used MAC Eyeshadow in Forgery (silverish) as a base on my lid to brow and under my eye.  I marked out my brows a little with a Hot Topic Black Pencil and did just a mixture of blues from my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case and a Hot Topic Turquoise Pencil.  My lip color was made in the same manner of mixing blues and some things were finished off with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Ransom and Binge.  
Overall, I like the eye and the look, buuuuut I would and tried to take off the slightly awk glitter on the side of my cheekbones and such.  I mean, sometimes I look at it and really like it and sometimes I'm thinking I shouldn't have put it up because of the strange glitter.  But I was thinking Nyx Creme Glitter Palette in Ocean Breeze=similar to flames, yeaaah. 


  1. Wow!! Dramatic makeup but I can see your inspiration of urusula definetely!! Very talented. :) x

  2. Will link to this in my Megara post for sure!