Monday, October 31, 2011


I am a terrible, terrible takes three years to say how terrible blogger I am.  Well, I hope you missed me greatly, seeing as I took a nice little month break from my blog.  School has been terribly busy combined with theater literally and figuratively eating my soul and physical being.  So, yes, I've been busy...very busy.  So, I'm back and filled with coolio makeup ideas and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my absence.  *Bows*  ANNNND of course, I did not get a halfway decent picture of my Halloween costume (I was a flight attendant) and I was of course, wearing the coolest flair fake eyelashes.  How laaaaaaame.  So, here is some old forgotten makeup dabbles and I will return later with full looks with products once again.  It feels good to be back :3
 Sorry for the the bad res...whatever.  This was based off Illamasqua's Toxic Nature Campaign from earlier in the year.  Fun stuff.
 Thrown-together Ursula look a la the Little Mermaid.  
 This one time, I was Cee Lo Green.  Good days.
I finally took out my feathers.  Geez, my hair is getting so long.  This is a representation of what my everydayish makeup kind of looks like.  Copper lids are never a bad idea. :)
My darling puppy makes a very unhappy bat.  When I went home, I got her this costume and she could not stand it at all.  Doesn't she look so sad?

One of my only pictures from Halloween, that's probs why I look so sad.  And my friend Tyler is obviously taking way too much joy out of this fact.  haha.
Yayyy, so glad I could find a home for some of these looks, and I promise I will be a better blogger from here on out! Girl Scouts Promise :)


  1. Oh my goodness, Cee-Lo picture had me LOL.

  2. Your costume looks so cute, too bad there aren't more pictures. Just like Meredith, that Cee-Lo pic made me crack up! So funny!

  3. YAYYY Glad you're back. Glad school is going well. and Glad to see some great peeectures!