Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember When I Had A Disney Villains Theme Going?

***ATTENTION annoying notice of my GIVEAWAY follows...oh, it just happened, never mind then...awkfest right here...and crickets chirp***
Soooooo, yeahhhh, I remember back in the day, I had a little Disney Villain theme a going? Yeaaaaaah, the whole Hades and Scar looks happened (links included if forgotten)., two days ago guess what was on?! ALADDIN! So, I have to obvi continue my villains look with a Jafar-inspired makeup look.  My color scheme was mainly black and red (Jafar's colors) and overall, I'm pretty happy with the look.

Ah, stress, I'm actually re-writing this portion because blogger got all screwed up, ARG! Anywhooo, eyes were a mix of Lime Crime's Magic Dusts in Siren and Diva.  Brow bone was Covergirl's Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise.  Brows were filled-in and enhanced with NARS' Eyeshadow in Night Bird.  Red eye detailing and upper lip liner was Harajuku Lovers Red Lip Pencil. My upper lip was finished with Eyeko's Liptastick in Hot Lips while the black was Lime Crime Lipstick in Styletto (a must-have black).
I finished off this look with a blushing (haha--pun..?) of NARS Powder in Nico.  
Haha, really bloodshot eyes going was late and I don't have photoshop, haha.  Oooo, you can really seem my little eyebrow scar here.  Fun fact: I got it by running into a wall playing tag inside the house with my dad.  He didn't take me to get stitches until my mom got home, so it was too late and it scarred.  But, I love my scars so it's all good.
  So, if anyone has any Villains they are dying to see, please let me know :).  Otherwise, my other news was that I recently got a Beautylish account.  It's a fun site and if you don't have one, i suggest you check it out and see mine here :3
Alright, until later darlings!


  1. My fave Disney villains are Malificent, Ursula, Izma, and Gaston so I'd be happy to see any of those featured!!

  2. Super fun. Aladdin was one of my favorites growing up!

    and we're scar twinsies! I have one almost identical to yours. crazy

  3. I can't think of any Disney villains but can we have Disney Princesses? LOL.

  4. I agree with Meredith! I would love to see a Dr. Facilier look as well :)

  5. I love the eyelook super unique!!! <3 hope you have a wonderful day shannon!

  6. I had an ursula look that I madly need to redo, haha. Thanks for the suggestions, I should get on that...