Sunday, September 18, 2011

TGIF! Wig Time!

Hi, so this is a little post from Friday~~~~Wheeeeeee! There was a theatre party and of course my lovely chums and I decided to go all out on mismatching (the theme of the party) like dorks and this is what happens.  I of course don't have any serious makeup looks, just this adorbsness
 So it goes me, my friend Mary (would you please notice her cheekbones which are amazing) and my roomie/love of my life Bridget! So, I'm wearing Lime Crime lipstick in No She Didn't, Mary is sporting OCC's Lip Tar in Anime (which I'm obsessed with) and Bridgie is all decked out in Mint to Be by Lime Crime (which I picked out and it looked ah-maz-ing on her, esp with purple hair).  I really want to steal Bridget's wig to add to my collection (the other two are mine), she better watch out for some future kidnapping attempts.
I think we ended up looking a bit Harajuku or something like that, haha.  Great college times + cool lipstick + WIIIIIGS! = great college times.  Oh, and I will apparently be helping out with makeup for MU's production of Little Shop of Horrors (I'm also head of wardrobe) which will be super fun because it's old age makeup, which I luuuurv.  Bridge is taking stage makeup class right now so of course I'm exceedingly jealous, wah!
   Oh, and I also got cast in a student-run directing scene, so I will be even more busy, haha.  I'm sups excited though because it's Neil Simon and I get to play a 50-year-old aka my calling, so life is good.  Hope you all had a fab weekend!


  1. Love the wigs!!! And congrats on getting cast. Great post. :)