Friday, August 5, 2011

Look Ma, I Got Gills! Dun dun...dun dun...DAH!

My favorite holiday week in the whole universe is SHARK WEEK! AJFve37378&%%#$^%$%&*!!!! And I'm not one of those people who happen upon Shark Week, I legit knew when it was coming.  And, with Shark Week being pretty popular and such (trending on twitter=popular...hahaha..hah.ha) I'm surprised that there has been no shark-inspired makeup.  Really? I mean, sharks totes deserve a week to themselves and therefore deserve makeup inspired by frothing bloody water and the consumption of adorable water creatures.
 When good lips turn into sharks...just a cute little something-something I did when I was bored with my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case (Red, Black/White, White)
 I'm a shark! Again, I used my Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case for the eye.  I coated my lids with the silver and than did detail lines and "gills" on my eyelids with black.  It was just a lot of blending and surrounding the eye in silver.  I added Nyx Glitter Cream Palette Glitter (in Paradise--Silver) extending from the bottom of my eyes and at the last minute decided on some red stripes a la chumming the proverbial water alongside the red dots by the corners of my eyes.  Haha, I feel like my explanation is not as detailed as I normally's probs because I've been having issues doing looks I feel are worthy enough to waste energy of those makeup...blocks?
 Lips were lined and filled with a Harjuku Lovers Red Lip Pencil.  And coated with NARS Gloss in Indian Red (LOOOOVE IT!).  I chose red because, again, sharks mouths are actually very red and they tend to be all bloody, yay! I highlighted with the Silver I used on my eyelids.
See the gills? Seeeeee?
Okay, I am majorly tired from all this shark week watching.  See you cats later with another giveaway post :D


  1. so nice!
    you should have make a shark look lipstick too!
    and it will be so awesome!

  2. Awwwwww sharky lips! So cute and creative, love love love it!

  3. fun. I love the sharky lipsss =]

  4. omg i adore your shark lips!!!!
    those are the best!

    <3 BB

  5. Oh my gosh~ the shark lips are soooo cute! Haha

  6. Omgeeee! The shark lips were GENIUS! Mad props!