Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bow Ties Are Cool

Some rather basic makeup from this look that I forgot to post.  I was ever so excited to get my first pair of suspenders and a bow tie and threw together this outfit that is a bit inarguably Doctor Who-inspired.  I was meeting my darling friend Ellen for an equally darling Japanese dinner and had to water the plants beforehand, so obviously pictures have to be taken while doing mundane tasks (i.e watering) BUT, our garden did look awfully pretty and one of my favorite areas is by my old playhouse that I'm in the process of cleaning out and turning into a bit of an outdoor-ish reading nook.  It was built by my father and uncles I believe back when I was a child, so it's really cute, sturdy, and has these wonderful gargoyles by the doors (which you can kind of see).    

 Makeup Breakdown was the usual Wet n' Wild Lipstick in "Stoplight Red" and Urban Decay Eyeliner in Perversion.  Blush was Nars' "Exhibit A"  A veeeeery pigmented blush that I totally forgot I had!
 Before the massive heatwave that killed me.  I basically reenacted that entire "Midnight Sun" episode of The Twilight Zone throughout the week. 
Bow and Actual Bow: American Apparel 
Suspenders: Vintage
Shirt: Found in the basment (Foxcroft?)
Skirt: Talbots
Knee Highs: Nordstrom Brand
Two-toned Shoes: Doc Martins 
(on a side note, these shoes are wonderfully comfy and pretty darn cute if I do say so myself). 
Sunlight: Nature's instagram
Hopefully this weather will stay somewhat nice! Especially because my birthday is coming up soon.   I'm turning twenty, so I'm prepping myself for a quarter life crisis that will likely include posting tear-streaked mascara photos on my blog asking what I'm doing with my life.  Kidding, only half-kiddddding.
P.S: I did have the stupid novel idea of starting a makeup-ish tumblr.  My blog's name is Cherries in the Snow (after an old Revlon lipstick).  There are some pictures and less-detailed posts that are on this blog and some random odds and ends that I cannot really fit into a "blog" blog.  So, please, feel free to find me on there!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Off With Her Head!

 Hi darling friends.  Again, I've dropped off the face of the earth into television, work, and general dilly dallying and have neglected my blog, oy.  So, here's a little look I entered in a MakeupBee Lime Crime competition that centers around Marie Antoinette.  Oddly enough, I have a pink Antoinette-esque wig in my possession, jammed a few head pieces and slapped on some makeup, and called it a day.  Okay, more like lovingly applied Ben Nye Clown White on my face.  I always have issues with white face makeup because it never looks even enough, in my humble opinion.  Because of this pink wig, decided to do the whole look as a "Pink Marie."
I'm still trying to get used to the new blogger layout...I don't do well with change, likely because I am internally sixty-something. The almost twenty thing is only a ruse 
Products Used:
Ben Nye Clown White
Urban Decay Glitter (does not exist anymore) all over the face
Caboodle (really dating myself) Pink Glitter
Makeup Forever 12 color Palette: Silver for highlighting 
Nars Blush in Orgasm 
Lime Crime Lipstick in Great Pink Planet and Countessa Fluorescent 
Pop Neon Eyeshadow Palette (pink color)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion (used for beauty mark too)
Urban Decay Liner in Woodstock and Baked
Caboodle Pink Glitter
Clinique Mascara
Lime Crime Lipstick in Great Pink Planet and Countessa Fluorescent

So yes, I'm trying to get back into blogging.  Officially, I'm not making promises, haha, but I've missed it.  Now I am utterly consumed by "Sherlock," "Doctor Who," and "Game of Thrones," so maybe that will serve as some inspiration.  I may also start a makeup Tumblr, just because I really like the formatting of Tumblr and such, so I'll post about it here and hopefully some of you lovely people have Tumblrs. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two Lipped

     Ugh, guys, I really am the worst with promises of blog posts and the like, whoops.  Life always seems to interfere with blog maintenance.  You know, school, job searches, copious amounts of British television shows...I've been drawn into the world of "Downton Abbey," "Sherlock," and "Doctor Who," with no sign of surfacing from said world, so, when I get back to serious blogging once the semester is over (in just a month, thankfully!) I will likely be doing some BRIT-ISH inspired posts and declaring my love for various British actors.  I have a long running joke/annoyance/legit truth that I am BRIT-ISH (yes, said in that manner) that has been entertaining and annoying everyone who interacts with me.  It's clearly a good time.  So, I am alive, well, a bit overly-caffinated and returning with a simply spring-y look that I wore recently.

 I've always been a fan of the two-tone lip look and since it was lovely and spring-y out, I took advantage by doing a pink/orange combo.
 I kept my cheeks pink to compliment the less noticeable pink (because my upper lip is thinner) and the eye makeup to a basic bronze overcast with a basic liquid liner cat eye.   The scar below my brow is reeeeally noticeable in this picture.  As a child I was playing tag (indoors) with my father and ran into a wall (typical).  I love scars though (this, of course, stemming from my heart surgery scar that goes from in between my collar bone and down to a couple inches above my belly button).  Scars always tell a story! And there goes my scar rant....haha

Typical Neutrogena Skin-Clearing Makeup in Ivory
Garnier Fructis Under-Eye Roller Concealer
Urban Decay Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Powder

NARS blush in Orgasm (across cheek bones)
MAC Creme Blush in Bougainvillea (on apple of cheeks)

Lime Crime Shadow Primer
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Baked and Toasted (mixed on lid)
Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion
Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Baked (applied on waterline)
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara 

MAC Lipstick in Pink Pigeon (upper lip)
and Lady Danger (bottom lip)

Thoughts on the two-tone lip? I, as I said, really like it, the only trouble I had was with keeping the colors separate.  In about three seconds I already mashed the colors together and had to fix it, haha.  So goes my general clumsiness.   Anyway, it's lovely to be back and blogging.  Not making any promises on how frequent my returns will be happening (because I have broken o' so many promises), but, until next time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If You Take a Mouse to School...

Hi lovlies! I just finished up with the children's show I've been rehearsing/performing for forever!! I cannot believe it's done.  It was such a fun show, even with screaming children and 20+ performances.  The show was "If You Take a Mouse to School" and I played the Teacher and Mother Mouse (Grandma Mouse) complete with ears.  I am actually obsessed with my teacher costume (a screaming pink suit) that I'm greatly considering buying it..GREATLY!  The overall theme was very pink, so I did my makeup to match. 
 UD Liquid Liner in Pervasion, MAC Creme Blush in Florida, discontinued Makeup Forever pink Lipstick, and Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow trio (magenta color) in Spoiled Brat= basic makeup usage.  I had a quick change where I had to wipe this all off and turn into... 
MOTHER MOUSE! This is some basic old-age makeup (and old-age clothing, hello lovely not totally turtleneck...) without speckling with my favorite stipple sponge because the lighting made it...wonky.  Of course, this looks super cartoony and odd, but, with the magic of stage lights, I looked relatively and realistically old.  It was funny because the majority of the children didn't even realize I was both roles, haha, silly children. This was actually applied in about two minutes because, it was a quick change with the basic highlighter and character shadow from my Ben Nye makeup kit. You can see my more intense aging/realistic aging makeup here.  All in all, I had a fun time, slapping on my makeup running around two shows a day, eeek! I have a ton of makeup to review/blog about now that I have a semblance of a life.  Plus classes...eeek, classes...Until then...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

That's All

Boom! Nails! Done! My mom's friend who I've known since I was un bebe gave me some super nice Christmas presents! One of which was the Hello Kitty Noir Eyeshadow & Gloss Palette (which I will get to!) and Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail wraps in this super cute argyle pattern! I've tried the nail wraps before and really liked the idea, easy application, and overall pattern without spending hours painting on such details that wouldn't look very good, haha.  I think it's certainly a product that you get better applying which each try because these turned out even better than the first time I used them back in June, here yay! And I managed to watch 30 Rock while applying, which obvi indicates my amazing multitasking abilities...yeah...
On another note, one of my Christmas presents from mi mama were these lovely Prada sunglasses that she "had" to get because "they were so you [me]."  I am hopelessly in love with them, they're just so fun and pretty.  I totally feel like Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada." I've been going around telling everyone, "that's all." Haha, kiddingonlyhalfkidding...
On a side note, I'm wearing MAC's MAC Red Lipstick :)

And now as I'm writing this, I'm back on campus, eeeek! School doesn't start for another...nine days? But, I have to be back early for the children's show I mentioned I was in.  So far it has been sups fun and I'm enjoying every minute :).  I also got some new MAC makeup that I will hopefully swatch/wear in the near future.  Otherwise, has anyone used those Sally Hansen nail wrap? I'm really starting to enjoy them and am figuring out how to save them.  Tip! They happen to be pretty long so oftentimes you can use the rounded other side and cut the wraps in half so you get two nails out of one.  And once you have a bunch of random, non-complete nail sets it's fun to play around with painting your nails a color and having the patterns as accents.  And, I've been decently keeping up again, haha.  I'm trying amongst the play, luckily I have a lot of free time so I've been reading a book that is positively grand and thinking of more blog posts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Moment I Go To Bed, Before I Forget to Take Off My Makeup...

I SAY A LITTLE PRAY FOR MYSELF..ahem *cough cough.* Geez, I am quite the lyricist with my reinvention of "I Say a Little Prayer" I should most def quit my day job...oy vey.  Anyway, that was all relevant because I have been trying out different facial cleanser/makeup remover towelettes.  I've stayed pretty true to Neutrogena, but, my only issue with those wipes are that they leave a super oily residue that makes you need to wash your face with a sandblaster.  So, on my trip to the Mecca of facial towelettes I tried two different brands and am still...on a pilgrimage.

I give you on the left: Target's up&up Exfoliating Cucumber Cleaning Towelettes ($3.50ish) and on the right: Burt's Bees' Camomile Facial Cleaning Towelettes ($6.50ish).  Both do not require water and obvi the idea is quick makeup removal while cleaning the face area of nasty bits.  Well, up&up has a long way to go...
The cucumber smell is nice and I like the idea of the exfoliating beads on one side of the sheet.  Otherwise, the removal is pretty unremarkable and if you unfortunately believe that you can make a quick sweep and remove that pesky eye makeup, you'd be wrong.  It stung like...saw dust to the eye? (#reallifeexperience).  The packaging says it's safe for the eyes which is completely false (mind you I don't have sensitive eyes and don't wear contacts and all that jazz).  So...nice idea, maybe take the acid out of the sheets for eye cleansing Target?  Booooo...don't get this.  Mind you, it took two sheets to get any semblance of makeup removed and my mascara was all over still...
The Burt's Bees' towelettes are better at removing makeup and don't have that burn to the eye area, but they still don't remove as well as Neutrogena.  And the camomile flavoring is a little much.  Like it doesn't smell like nice gentle chamomile, more like THIS SMELLS NATURAL AND YOU WILL LIKE IT BECAUSE YOU MUST BE ORGANIC AND IF YOU ARE NOT WE WILL SHOOT ALL OUR BEES AND YOUR PUPPY! You know that kind of scent? Overwhelming. But I will probs finish these off but again, I need two for basic makeup removal that does not promise complete removal, bleh.
Soooo, any advice on towelettes dear bloggers? I've heard some good things about those say yes to blueberries or pomegranates or kumquats..? brand but otherwise I think I'll stick to Neutrogena, because as fun as applying makeup is, removing it is just as importante :)
On another note, I have been obsessing over a period Masterpiece Theater mini-series from 1981 (Brideshead Revisited) starring the love of my life, Jeremy Irons, so be prepared for some 1920's-inspired makeup in the near future (mind you that was a play on the song "Be Prepared" from "The Lion King" as sung by...Jeremy Irons...yes, I am quite insane, haha..ha..ha..oy).  Always leave on a strong note...-___-

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Review and Swatch(es)!!!! or Super Happy Glossy Fun Time!

Hi darlings! Sooooo, remember how I said, "oh, yes, I am back blogging and being awesome in regards to blogging!!!" Weeeeelllll, that kind of fell..through...yeah.  So, I am reinstating the statement of "oh, yes, I am back blogging and being awesome in regards to blogging!!!" In honor of that fact, I am showing off some of my neat-o and sparkly makeup Christmas presents! First up is none other than one of my favorite ever makeup brands eva: LIME CRIME! I've done some reviews and swatches of their lipsticks here and here and now I was gifted by my darling mother their new winter collection of Carousel Gloss! There are five different glosses in the collection and I was lucky enough to get them all (only child moment).  I adore lipgloss as much as any other girl because obvi my lipgloss be poppin' and cool and all the boys be...okay, I'll end that song reference here...anyway, I have a ton of lipgloss, I love it, it's fun, it's typically in adorable packaging.  My one issue with gloss is that one can never ever seem to get a deep color from gloss.  I ALWAYS have to put it over lipstick because it is again, never deep enough in color.
   Well, I have found my dream opaque gloss...i can wear it without lipstick and still have it look like the full colored lip that I never leave the house without.  I have found...Carousel Gloss...*cue dramatic music and equally dramatic staring into the distance*
There are five colors in this gloss collection:
 The packaging for this product is pure bliss!
(As pictured): Kaleidoscope, Loop-De-Loop, Golden Ticket, Cherry on Top, and Candy Apple
Overall, the colors of these glosses are beautiful and fairly unique, especially the molten gorgeous gold and the darker glosses.  All of my swatches are on me (obvi) and are one thin-ish coat of the gloss on bare lips.
 Kaleidoscope: a beautiful
 Kaleidoscope: a beautiful plum almost bordering on royal purple.  There are turquoise "sparkles" or little bits of glitter, but they aren't super noticeable in the gloss.  It's a very unique gloss color and I simply adore it.  I would recommend trying it over Mac's "Rebel" lipstick or another purple of your choice.
 Loop-De-Loop: I'm pretty sure this gloss ties for my favorite from the collection.  It's a deep sapphire that is really wearable.  Because it is a darker blue it would be flattering on many different skin tones and doesn't have a super cartoon-y feel for being a "different" color.  Very classy ;).  Oh, I was also very excited that it matched the shirt I was wearing, haha.  I also tried mixing a little on top of a red lipstick the other day and it gave it such a beautiful blue-red look that I adore.  Ah, I'm rambling, but, what can I say...I'm obsessing?
 Golden Ticket: I'VE FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET, FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET! Yes, when I was applying this I had every Willy Wonka related song stuck in my head.  I loveeeee love love this color.  I am a sucker for metallic and shiny objects (much like a bird or a small child) and this gloss delivers.  It is probs the most opaque of all of the glosses and the finish is like a golden version of mercury, haha.  Plus, you can jazz basically any color of lipstick up with a bit of this on top.  Frankly, I'd be very interested to see Lime Crime make a silver gloss *hint hint* :)
 Cherry on Top: This gloss is a very pink red and probably my least favorite of the collection just because it is a fairly normal gloss, not that that is a bad thing.  It has nice coverage and certainly works over any red or bright pink lipstick.  I tried a touch over Lime Crime's "Retrofuturist" lipstick (one of the best reds out there) and really liked the effect. This gloss alone creates a more subdued red lip and really intensifies reds placed under it with a rainbow sparkle.
Candy Apple: Candy Apple has been used for all of the advertisements for the collection and certainly did not disappoint.  It's red red red and obvi super pretty and opaque.  With this one I really noticed the super smooth texture of the gloss that wasn't too sticky and wasn't too slippery so you'd end up with a ring of wandering gloss everywhere except your lips.  
   Sooo, very pretty, no?  I really love this collection as a whole and each gloss applies like a dream.  The gloss brushes are fairly small and therefore manageable and gives a precise application that again, means you won't have gloss on your chin and such.  YAAAAY

Oh, and in my package of glosses a Lime Crime sticker and postcard were included which was cute and appreciated for money spent :).  

   In conclusion, I really recommend the Carousel Gloss collection.  The packaging is adorable, the colors are beautiful, they have full coverage, and are sparkly :D.  The price is a liiiittle steep for gloss ($17 a tube, $65 for all five) but, personally, I think it's worth it.  
I hope all of you had a fabulous New Year and may 2012 be filled with fun, makeup, and me actually updating my blog, haha.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I am a terrible, terrible takes three years to say how terrible blogger I am.  Well, I hope you missed me greatly, seeing as I took a nice little month break from my blog.  School has been terribly busy combined with theater literally and figuratively eating my soul and physical being.  So, yes, I've been busy...very busy.  So, I'm back and filled with coolio makeup ideas and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my absence.  *Bows*  ANNNND of course, I did not get a halfway decent picture of my Halloween costume (I was a flight attendant) and I was of course, wearing the coolest flair fake eyelashes.  How laaaaaaame.  So, here is some old forgotten makeup dabbles and I will return later with full looks with products once again.  It feels good to be back :3
 Sorry for the the bad res...whatever.  This was based off Illamasqua's Toxic Nature Campaign from earlier in the year.  Fun stuff.
 Thrown-together Ursula look a la the Little Mermaid.  
 This one time, I was Cee Lo Green.  Good days.
I finally took out my feathers.  Geez, my hair is getting so long.  This is a representation of what my everydayish makeup kind of looks like.  Copper lids are never a bad idea. :)
My darling puppy makes a very unhappy bat.  When I went home, I got her this costume and she could not stand it at all.  Doesn't she look so sad?

One of my only pictures from Halloween, that's probs why I look so sad.  And my friend Tyler is obviously taking way too much joy out of this fact.  haha.
Yayyy, so glad I could find a home for some of these looks, and I promise I will be a better blogger from here on out! Girl Scouts Promise :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Pretty Boy!

Why hello dear friends and readers o' my humble blog, tee hee, tee hee...So, as I said, I'm trying out Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (occ) for the first time because they had a labor day sale and there was also a sale, so I'm obvi saying, "sign me up." OCC is most-well known I believe for their Lip Tars (highly pigmented not quite lipsticks, not quite glosses) and then a bunch of professional airbrushes and so on.  Well, I ordered about five Lip Tars and a nail polish that was on sale and the next day I got a call from a representative saying that the polish and one of the tars were sold out, so I got to pick any color I wanted and soooooooo, I got a polish and tar from their new Pretty Boy campaign for F/W 2011.  The person was so nice from OCC and even dealt with my insanity over choosing what colors I wanted, haha.  A+ customer service always wins me over :)
Campaign photo, very creative, love!
 Photo credit: OCC's Website:

 Lip Tar in Butch! It's a super cool periwinkle.  My friend Fran always wants me to wear it because I was with her when I stole her computer in the middle of a busy building and was loudly on the phone going, "yeah, yeah I think I'll take Butch over Pretty Boy." May I add it only took one drop of the tar to cover my lips and it's a really nice texture and non-sticky and non-drying.
Yay, pretties.  I lovvvve this color.  I highly recommend it! I will do a further review type thing of my other colors but honestly, all of them apply great, last long and are exceedingly vibrant.  Oh, and vegan if you care about the environment and all that jazz ;)

 OCC nail polish in Pool Boy, it's like a creamy aqua.  This is three coats and so far I've worn it for a week and it has had really minimal chipping.  My roomie Bridget and I are both wearing it, so it's extra adorbs.  I love blue and green nail polish so now I have my sights set on this neonish teal and this really great swamp green.  Granted, I need more nail polish like I need a hole in the head.
In short, check out OCC if you haven't!
So yeah, my mom sent me a care package and it weighed 29 pounds!!! AHHHH! So, I have more fun things to show, eeek! But, my blog has to take a backseat because Little Shop of Horrors is opening in less than a week and I'm head of wardrobe, double eek! So, sorry if I've been a little mia and non-commenty...I still love you all!!! :D

Sunday, September 18, 2011

TGIF! Wig Time!

Hi, so this is a little post from Friday~~~~Wheeeeeee! There was a theatre party and of course my lovely chums and I decided to go all out on mismatching (the theme of the party) like dorks and this is what happens.  I of course don't have any serious makeup looks, just this adorbsness
 So it goes me, my friend Mary (would you please notice her cheekbones which are amazing) and my roomie/love of my life Bridget! So, I'm wearing Lime Crime lipstick in No She Didn't, Mary is sporting OCC's Lip Tar in Anime (which I'm obsessed with) and Bridgie is all decked out in Mint to Be by Lime Crime (which I picked out and it looked ah-maz-ing on her, esp with purple hair).  I really want to steal Bridget's wig to add to my collection (the other two are mine), she better watch out for some future kidnapping attempts.
I think we ended up looking a bit Harajuku or something like that, haha.  Great college times + cool lipstick + WIIIIIGS! = great college times.  Oh, and I will apparently be helping out with makeup for MU's production of Little Shop of Horrors (I'm also head of wardrobe) which will be super fun because it's old age makeup, which I luuuurv.  Bridge is taking stage makeup class right now so of course I'm exceedingly jealous, wah!
   Oh, and I also got cast in a student-run directing scene, so I will be even more busy, haha.  I'm sups excited though because it's Neil Simon and I get to play a 50-year-old aka my calling, so life is good.  Hope you all had a fab weekend!