Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rainbows to the 2nd Power

Okay, I will begin by warning you all that this is going to be a long post, haha.  I mentioned....yesterday that for my birthday from my lovely mother I got my dreamed about obsession, Lime Crime's Lipstick Rainbow.  Well, I've dubbed it "The Land of Misfit Toys Rainbow" because Lime Crime had stopped selling the Lipstick Rainbow and my mother sought out different shops and websites to compile a semblance of Lime Crime's lipsticks.  She is actually a saint AND happened to bestow upon me a Magic Dust Rainbow by Lime Crime as well.  This is an insane amount of makeup and I'm so grateful :)
   Now, onto business, would this sought-after dream be as great in person as it was in my...dreams? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes triple yes, yes.  The lipsticks are beautiful, they smell like a cake/vanilla combo, they stay on my lips, they are pigmented, they are pretty much perfect.  So, I "swatched" all of the colors from my rainbow on my lips because I think you get a better sense of the color when it's actually on as opposed to just kind of there, so pardon the messy eye makeup (it is like 100 degrees over here) and the gratuitous amount of pictures of yours truly with odd expressions and deer in the headlights looks. *Note: the only color I'm missing is D'Lilac, which is a pastel lavender...lilac, duh.  Maybe someday it will be mine too...*  Lies! I now have it! And picture, it is all mine, mwhahahahah :D
 Colors from left to right: Styletto, Retrofuturist, Countessa Flourescent, Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket, Cosmopop, Coquette, New Yolk City, Mint to Be, No She Didn't, and Airborne Unicorn.  I just realized that I forgot the lipstick Centrifuchsia when I took this picture, but I wore it today, so I have a picture of it on.

 Styletto is a straightforward, beautiful black.  It goes on easily and is really a fab pure black.  Super creamy, perfect.
 I have a tooooon of red lipstick, but this has to be one of my new favorites. Retrofuturist is such a flattering red and will look great on all skin tones.  The sheen/glossiness it has makes it look like candy and again, super creamy.
 Countessa Fluorescent reminds me of my long-missed MAC lipstick, Heatherette's Hollywood Night, only with a little more pastel to it.  Gorgeous.
 Great Pink Planet is a pretty pastel pink.  It's a little lighter than I normally go for but I think it actually looks pretty dec on me.  I think it might look more flattering with a bright lip liner underneath or mixed with something for my pale skin, but someone with a darker complexion could wear this and have it look *bam*
 My Beautiful Rocket is a great, bright orange that isn't too orange, you know? I love this color and I guess it goes perfectly with the summer trend of orange and such...not that I care :P
 Cosmopop is like applying a creamsicle.  Again, not a color I go for, but it's really so interesting, I've never seen anything like it.
 Coquette is my first nude lipstick.  Personally, I don't think I pull it off that well, but it's one of the prettiest nude lipsticks I've seen.  It seems like there's a hint of pink or something that makes it more noticeable than the typical nude lipstick.
 New Yolk I can say is "wow." It is a highlighter disguised as a lipstick.  I'm so impressed how pigmented Lime Crime's lipsticks are and how it actually is a true yellow.  Not an everyday look but I will figure out ways to put it to use.  And hey, I thought it might make me look jaundice-y, but it works out well.
 Mint to Be is meant to be fabulous.  I feel like mint ice cream.  Beautiful, pigmented, etc. Love, end of story.
 No She Didn't has to be one of my favorite Lime Crime lipsticks.  It's an uber flattering blue and I feel like I would actually wear this just bumming around on a normal day.  I love it and it goes on flawlessly.
 Airborne Unicorn is sooooo cute.  It's such a unique purple and again, love, love, love.

D'Lilac: Pastel purple, love it, enough said. Plus, I'm too lazy to add anything, you all know I love these lipsticks XD
 And now the forgotten Centrafuchsia.  I feel if you mixed this with Countessa Fluorescent I would reclaim Heatherette, haha.  I wore this all today and it stayed on like you wouldn't believe and still remained creamy.  I know some people have said they had issues with Lime Crime's lipsticks drying out their lips, but I had no such issue.  I full heartedly love all of these lipsticks and recommend this brand to everyone.  You'd have to be crazy not to love their products.  I know there has been some buzz and blah blah blah about the company, but since Lime Crime is fairly new to me, I really don't have the time to worry or really care about it.  The quality of their products is enough for me.
Oh, hi there Magic Dust Rainbow...didn't see you there...oy vey, I don't think I can swatch this all now, haha, but just a peek of the again, super pigmented magic dusts.  I wish I was actually getting paid to endorse this company, but alas I am not, haha.  This is an unbiased review-y resembling thing of these fab lipsticks. Let's just say I'm super obsessed.  Oh, and even though I was planning on showing all the colors my friend Aaron wanted full credit for me wearing all the lipsticks, eh, not really giving credit, but I acknowledged him...



  1. wow, ur so patient! cant believe you swatched all of them! hats off to you! my favorites on you are retrofuturist, countessa fluorescent,beautiful rocket, coquette, no she dint and centrafuschia..


  2. haha, it didn't take too long... and thank you!

  3. Wow, they all look so pretty and pigmented. The only iffy one might be the yellow but I'm just not used to seeing that color on lips everyday. I'm definitely really jealous of this, all the creations you could come up with these colors ... unreal!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the red lippie - Retrofuturist! It's gorgeous!! What a nice mom you have! She really hooked you up! Happy Belated! By the way, I awarded your blog some cool awards! Check out my last post for the details!!

  5. mannn I haven't bought limecrime products sine my sophomore year of HS. But this deff makes me want to go spend oodles of money there.

    Retrofuturist needs to be in my collection =]

    and I think Coquette looks UH-MAZING on you. I really do.

  6. Sadly Doe's morality puts me off her products but the lipsticks are sure pretty. Especially on you :) x

  7. @Meredith: the yellow is a little much, I agree, but I think mixed with some other things it will be a lot more wearable.
    @jackee: I;m obsessed with the red too, haha. Thanks for the awards/birthday wishes and getting a lipstick rainbow from a a nice mother is yet another perk of being an only child.
    @caitlin: thanks and i think retrofuturist would look fab on you :)
    @ruthy: see, I just have a hard time believing that someone who runs a company would do some of the stuff she was accused of. I didn't follow anything when some of the accusations were floating around but if you're judging purely on product, they're pretty and fabulous in quality.
    EEEk, I just wrote a novel of responses, haha :)

  8. danggg thats a sick collection of lippys!
    much props o you girl for rocking those
    & i adore new yolk yellow on you(:

    thanks for cmnting & following
    -following back

    <3 BB

  9. omg, how awesome! /jealoussssssssssss
    i LOVE lime crime! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!

  10. You are one brave gal to be rocking all those colors! Kudos :D

  11. Wow! That's a lot of gorgeous colors! And they all look amazing on you.

  12. Lucky you! That's a whole lotta lime crime! Great post!

  13. You are so pretty, you look like a dolly(: have to say, my favorite on you is Stylleto, very gothic Lolita.

  14. Thanks for all of the lovely compliments! You all are too sweet :)

  15. o my.. the effort in putting up those lippies for the lipstick swatches! thanks for showing us!! :) retrofuturist, cosmopop and coquette! love em!

  16. Loved the swatches! :D I can't wait to buy cosmopop and coquette :] thank you so much for your review ^^ * you have such awesome lips to use lipstick! :D
    best wishes