Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shannon is Back in Town!

HIIIIIIIII!!!! I know I've been gone for literally forever or at least a fortnight...hah...Shakespeare getting up in my speech.  But, I have very good excuses and will list them at some point.!
1.  I went back to schooooool! AH! If you didn't know I'm a sophomore in college now! So, moving in, getting settled, all of that fun stuff had to kind of happen and *gasp* took priority over blogging.
 This is my roommate Bridget! (and me).  She is a theatre major too, but with a focus on costume design and the making of costumes.  She's actually one cool person and we became friends early in our college career.
 Here's a little sample of my room.  Bridget is still putting up some posters while mine keep falling down! It must be because I'm sups fussy and have all of my posters framed and cannot be like a normal college student and have them just be posters.  Oh, and the RHO NJ is on, in case you were wondering.
 My desk/ a scenic view of our mini fridge.  Fallen V for Vendetta poster :(
 My bed in all of its...glory? My bed is actually pretty comfy for a dorm bed and I like my little alcove (by the Mucha poster)
 THE VIEW!!! We actually have an entire wall of windows that overlooks the city of Milwaukee, it's just beautiful.  The highway can be pretty entertaining to watch when avoiding studying, haha.
Another look.  My iphone doesn't do it justice but it's soooooo nice.  I'm kind of in love with our room, it's a corner so it's bigger than others and we live in a nice dorm with a dining hall and the gym, so I never have to leave...literally.  haha, jk, jk...I have a social life....yeahhhh.
   In other news, I was also super busy because I had monologues to memorize for auditions that were the first day of class and would you believe it, I got cast in a show! It's the children's show "If You Take a Mouse to School," and it sounds adorable and I'm just so excited to be in a mainstage show.  I will be playing Teacher/Mother Mouse, so if any of you fancy coming to Milwaukee to see a children's play...just let me know ;)
   Otherwise, I am doing homework and going to the occasional party this lovely holiday weekend.  I hope everyone is doing fabulously, I missed blogging! And I promise my next post will be somehow related to makeup!


  1. Congrats on your senior year! I'd give anything to go back and relive mine so enjoy it while you can. You two girls look like you could get in to a lot of troub ... I mean, fun........

  2. yeah, luckily i have a couple more years to enjoy it. We most def have a lot of fun...studying!

  3. If I didn't live halfway across the country I'd totally come see you at your play =] I love kids plays

  4. thanks for sharing this, it was fun to see & read(:
    great view

    <3 BB

  5. Hey Shannon, check out my tumblr:
    It's finally worthy of your time (I think)

  6. p.s. I like your post. And I missed you at the fair today.