Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Moment I Go To Bed, Before I Forget to Take Off My Makeup...

I SAY A LITTLE PRAY FOR MYSELF..ahem *cough cough.* Geez, I am quite the lyricist with my reinvention of "I Say a Little Prayer" I should most def quit my day job...oy vey.  Anyway, that was all relevant because I have been trying out different facial cleanser/makeup remover towelettes.  I've stayed pretty true to Neutrogena, but, my only issue with those wipes are that they leave a super oily residue that makes you need to wash your face with a sandblaster.  So, on my trip to the Mecca of facial towelettes I tried two different brands and am still...on a pilgrimage.

I give you on the left: Target's up&up Exfoliating Cucumber Cleaning Towelettes ($3.50ish) and on the right: Burt's Bees' Camomile Facial Cleaning Towelettes ($6.50ish).  Both do not require water and obvi the idea is quick makeup removal while cleaning the face area of nasty bits.  Well, up&up has a long way to go...
The cucumber smell is nice and I like the idea of the exfoliating beads on one side of the sheet.  Otherwise, the removal is pretty unremarkable and if you unfortunately believe that you can make a quick sweep and remove that pesky eye makeup, you'd be wrong.  It stung like...saw dust to the eye? (#reallifeexperience).  The packaging says it's safe for the eyes which is completely false (mind you I don't have sensitive eyes and don't wear contacts and all that jazz).  So...nice idea, maybe take the acid out of the sheets for eye cleansing Target?  Booooo...don't get this.  Mind you, it took two sheets to get any semblance of makeup removed and my mascara was all over still...
The Burt's Bees' towelettes are better at removing makeup and don't have that burn to the eye area, but they still don't remove as well as Neutrogena.  And the camomile flavoring is a little much.  Like it doesn't smell like nice gentle chamomile, more like THIS SMELLS NATURAL AND YOU WILL LIKE IT BECAUSE YOU MUST BE ORGANIC AND IF YOU ARE NOT WE WILL SHOOT ALL OUR BEES AND YOUR PUPPY! You know that kind of scent? Overwhelming. But I will probs finish these off but again, I need two for basic makeup removal that does not promise complete removal, bleh.
Soooo, any advice on towelettes dear bloggers? I've heard some good things about those say yes to blueberries or pomegranates or kumquats..? brand but otherwise I think I'll stick to Neutrogena, because as fun as applying makeup is, removing it is just as importante :)
On another note, I have been obsessing over a period Masterpiece Theater mini-series from 1981 (Brideshead Revisited) starring the love of my life, Jeremy Irons, so be prepared for some 1920's-inspired makeup in the near future (mind you that was a play on the song "Be Prepared" from "The Lion King" as sung by...Jeremy Irons...yes, I am quite insane, haha..ha..ha..oy).  Always leave on a strong note...-___-


  1. I personally just use some remover on a cotton pad...never thought to use towelettes before. Good luck on your search and I hope you find the perfect replacement! :)

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  2. I use up&up brand.. but the purple packaging. It doesn't seem to burn my eyes at all when removing eye makeup, so maybe give those a try. On a scale of 1-10 their makeup removing ability would be scored as a 7 in book. After I remove a bulk of my makeup with the wipe I go over my eyes with one of three things - clinique eye make remover, some cornflower water eye makeup remover, or just plain ol baby oil. Baby oil always seems to work the best but I definitely wouldn't wanna use it all over my face. /longest comment ever.

  3. I use a chanel mu remover for eyes then le couvent des minimes cleansing water(chanel makes a nicer cleansing water but far more $$) to remove everything else. I've never found wipes that do the job, without stinging my face!