Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Premature Aging

 This was another one of my makeup class ventures: AGING!!! This was another one of my favorites, partially because I act like an old lady most of the time. :)
 The whole aging process is actually fairly simple, it's mostly a balance of shadows and highlights with the perfect amount of speckling of the skin as a finish.  I used a lighter base than I typically would to give my skin a more washed out appearance.  I mapped out all of my lines with the shadow creme base and then followed with highlights, scrunching my face to make it have lines and going over those and then adding highlights right next to the shadow lines.  To make my face texture look even older, I used my best friend the stipple sponge and dotted my whole face with highlight then shadow then highlight and more shadow.
    The wrinkled lips effect is created by duck-facing your lips and spreading highlight over them.  Then filling in some of the little lines with shadow. Age spots were added in some select areas to again, age me.  I also whited out my eyebrows to make them gray and wore a gross grey wig!  I think my "hipster" not actual glasses brought the whole look together too (see above picture).
                                                     tired old person face...
I think I want to eventually try this look again and see if I can get some of the shadows to blend a little I have two pairs of fake glasses that could really work wonders on my old ladyishness.

Once again, I relied solely on my wonderful Ben Nye Creme Makeup Kit it has all the shadows and highlights and sponges and brushes you need to age.

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