Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lacey Nails and Racy Lips

I found them, I found them, I found them!!! The lace Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips IN LACCCCEEEEE!!! Ah! I've been looking for these for forever and they were just there, sitting innocently at Target, waiting for me to snatch them up :D Plus I had a coupon, so I can prepare myself for being on "Extreme Couponing" soon....yeah.
Yes, I went to Target, exciting, got some things, here are some pictures.
 The directions and application of these were super easy and I think look so much better than the Sephora brand nail stickers I reviewed a month or so ago.  Still, for like 8, 11, however many dollars, I feel like there is something lacking.  It's just how it can have an unfinished look to it and from far away this pattern almost looks like a shatter polish, so I'm not 100% sold.  If they stay looking this nice for as long as they say they do, I'll likely like them more, until then, the jury is out.

 Note: Rings are by Tarina Tarantino
 Target stuff...will review more later, below the Loreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor Compact in Target Red.  I had another coupon and thought I'd try like the cutsey "Target Special" Color. I used to wear the Infallible Lipcolor a couple years back and kind of forgot about it.  It really does not budge from your lips, but it can be soooooooo drying and chalky feeling.  I remedy this with gloss and I think the "pain" of slightly chalky lips is worth it because of the intense and lasting color.
Target Red aka a nice little bright/racy scarlett
I'm excited to try that new Revlon mascara pictured above, apparently it is supposed to grow your lashes so we'll see if my lashes will soon be hitting the glass in my fake glasses.  Until then :)


  1. Ooh I'm interested in how that mascara works out! The lace looks awesome on your nails, so chic! Man do I love me a good red lipstick, looks flawless on you!

  2. Thank you for your nice comment, I hope to hear from you again. Just wanted to return the compliments and tell you that your nails look gawwwwgeous dahling. But more than that I'm obsessed with that pink ring! I must have it!

    Meredith Jessica

  3. Wow, I LOVE your nails, really wanna try this!! =)

  4. Thank you for the approval, sadly my nails are already chipping! stressss. -__-