Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And We Have a Winner!

Ello ladies and...actually, likely all ladies, if not, prove me wrong :).  The votes have been tallied, my dog pawed out a winner from a hat (kidding but kind of wish I wasn't) and I am proud to announce that my first ever giveaway winner from my 1st Giveaway, AHHHH is the lovely...

Caitlin from A Girl Obsessed!!!!!!
Literally the creepiest picture of me...congrats for getting this face, haha.

So, Caitlin you have 48 hours to either email me or respond to this post. If you don't, another winner will have to be chosen...don't let that happen...

And to all you...non-winners (cough), do not fret or sweat your makeup off I will be announcing another giveaway shortly as part of my three part giveaway.  Same rules will apply, all that mumbo jumbo, so, until you guys visit and comment (and believe me, my ego loves some comments) I'll see you lovelies later.


  1. OH SQUEEEE!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED LOVE! *happy dance*

  2. Haha, glad to hear that and for the quick response :) I'll send you an email shortly

  3. lol yeah I got out of the shower got online for my last blog check and BAM! my name is staring back at me =]

  4. oh and I love your creepy face! I am quite known for making those

  5. Haha, glad I caught you at the right time and good thing you appreciate my creepy face, haha. I sent an email to both of your listed emails.

  6. congrats to the winners!
    thanks for the chance Shannon!
    more power to your blog. :)