Monday, August 1, 2011

Too Busy Mega Busing to Blog

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So, I have been MIA for a week now.  I know all of you were very worried and I even saw my picture on the back of  a milk carton, insert another clever little do-dah about being gone and now I'm back! And as a side note, do they even put people's pictures on milk cartons anymore?  Anyway, I've been gone mainly because I was in Chicago/suburban area of Chicago as a surprise to my lovely friend Bridget who was in a production of Cats, which I planned with my roommate, I mean, friend Mary.  Bridget actually designed the makeup for the entire production of Cats she was in and once I hear from her, I'm planning on posting a picture of her cool kitty makeup.  So, I couldn't really tell the blogosphere about my plan because I know my friends read my blog on occasion, so it needed to be a complete surprise.  I even took the 8-hour mega bus ride to see Mary and Bridget and if anyone has taken it or heard about it, it is and isn't as bad as everyone says.
    Changing gears...I went to one of my favorite bands concert tonight.  The group is called Pink Martini and they're so amazing.  It was a great concert even if the main vocalist was sick and this was the..seventh time I've seen them in concert.  They're one of those bands that sound almost better in concert aka have actual talent and don't use autotune :D Look them up! Better yet, I will post a song..or two.
Yayyyy, now that you are obviously in love with them, feel free to become as obsessed with them as I am, ahhhh, one of my favorite bands ever!
Finally, I will come to a little bit on makeup, a week or so ago my order from Eyeko came and I never posted about it.  I remember that as a child/tween Nordstrom used to carry Eyeko and I loooved it.  They stopped carrying it and I forgot about it.  I decided to re-try a sampling of products and I can whole-heartedly say I love them all.  The packaging is cute and  simple enough.  The colors are pretty, the products are of nice quality and I recommend the products to makeup-lovers :)
I bought a set of their Liptastik Glossy Lip Pens and the colors are so pretty and go on super smooth.  My mom got some too and she loves them.
Their Fat Balm (Cheek and Lip Tint) is even better than I remembered.  It smells super good too.
Eyeliners, great, super fat, kind of like a kindergarden pencil but easy to control.
Finally, their Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow is a must-have moisturizer.  It's super think and really makes the face glow.  It's a perfect cream really.  
Today for the concert I had actually worn almost all Eyeko products, but of course forgot to take a picture.  That's okay though because all of my pictures seem to end up like this as of late:
Yes, the wind did blow my hair around like that, oy vey.  Maybe tomorrow will be better for picture-taking.  Eeek, it's actually quite late on my end, so I better be hoping off to bed.  I ended up sleeping all day because I couldn't sleep on the bus.  My sleeping pattern must be preparing for my return to college in a month, double eeek! Hopefully I spell/grammar checked this enough in my sleepy/unsleepy will never know for sure though, haha



  1. I think the windblown hair looks nice, almost like a makeup ad. I also love the trendy hair feathers, so chic!

  2. I wanna see swatches of your Liptastik please!!!

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment, love your lip's color, they're so vibrant! and I've heard good things about eye ko :)