Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wings So Long I'll Likely Take Flight

This day (Thursday) I went shopping with mi mama at Nordstom for the Anniversary Sale, so of course I had to go all dramatic with the winged eyeliner :) This is just my basic look pretty much: Benefit's Posietint, Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion, Makeup Forever Lipstick in 205, and the base eyeshadow color was Covergirl Eye Enhancer in Golden Sunrise.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Lucky on my waterline, above my black liner to clean it up and finally, I swooped it from my waterline underneath the black.  It's a different take on the "popular" double winged cat's eye and I really loved the way this turned out.
 Not to be going on about how great I look, haha, jk, jk, I used Benefit's That Gal Primer all over my face under my foundation to give myself a rosier glow.
Closeup on my eye, *twilight zone music cue*
 Because I was at le mall of AMERICA! I stopped at Sephora and got some new fun purchases and restocks.  For instance, I was out of my UD De-Slick, which works wonders for touching up and de-slicking excess day face oil.  I had my old one since they invented the stuff and it has lasted that long.  A fab product for sure! I really wanted to try Makeup Forever's new Aqua Liners.  I tested them out today and the liner literally stays on though everything.  I'm talking excessive sweating from learning how to ride a bike (true story) and a dance party with extreme interpretive dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody.  The only downfall is that the brush is a little hard to control, so my lines weren't as precise as I like them to be.  I think with practice, this aspect will improve.
TOKIDOKI lipgloss! I really like Tokidoki makeup products.  I loved their handbags since their invention and I feel like their makeup really fits their overall brand.  It seems like not a ton of people use their makeup though...
   OHHHHH, and I got some really cool new Chanel makeup, which will be posted about later, so be prepared.  AND I'm thinking once I hit 50 followers I'll have a lovely little giveaway for all the fab and beautiful and talented followers of my blog.  Thanks so much for the support and lovely comments.  I read them all and really appreciate everything, so hopefully a giveaway will be an acceptable token of my appreciation :)


  1. Man, you certainly weren't kidding. Those wings are like woah!

  2. Are you using the De-Slick spray or tube version? I just bought the spray from my local Sephora and it's not working all the great for me :(

  3. I de-slick shown here is the powder-compact form. I use it for touchups and oil removal during the day. But, I also use the spray to set my makeup in the morning. It seems to always work for me, but not cool that it's not working for you :/. Do you set your makeup with a translucent powder before spraying? and do you use primer before makeup application?

  4. Yes, I use a primer before make up and I also set it with a translucent powder before trying to use the spray. Now I kinda dunno what I should do with my spray. LOL. I look even shinier with it :O

  5. LOVE the winged eyes, and tokidoki!

  6. ACK! Stressssss that the spray isn't working, but depending on how insane my skin is it can sometimes look a little shinier. I think just the normal all-nighter spray works better than the de-slick version. The powder is the way to go :)