Saturday, July 2, 2011

Memoirs of a Geisha...esque

Yesterday was Friday (it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!) and I therefore decided to do something more fun than the black liner, lipstick, go! I'd been doing for work as of late.  It's beeeeeeen ssooooooooo hot these past few days I'm lucky my makeup didn't just melt off the second I walked out the door.  This look is an everyday...wearable? take on geisha makeup.  Ever since I was a child I've had a fascination with Japanese culture, just everything! The food, the fashion, literature, music, traditions-- the list goes on.  And fittingly, my darling mother and I went out for sushi this night, haha.
 I chose to use white shadow and liner instead of painting my entire face white :).  I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion and then some  UD Cream Shadow in Moonshine [it's a sparkly-white color and stays on like none other eyeshadow without primer] and lined my lids with Tokidoki's Perfetto Eyeliner in Rondine Love.  Tokidoki's liner has some nice, very pigmented colors.  Sometimes it seems to snag a little if I'm trying to do a really straight line, but otherwise I have no real complaints. The white liner I drew a little above my lash-line to keep room for my black liner.  The black I did in one fatal swoop with UD's Liquid Liner in Perversion and matched the wing so it would settle above the white a little, giving a layered cat's eye.  I lined my waterline/bottom with Hot Topic's Red Eye/Lip Pencil.  I also filled in my lips with the same color :) After filling my lips in with a pencil, I covered them in MAC Lipstick in Russian Red and then added a dab of uber sparkly Too Faced Sparkler Gloss in Diamond Dust. Blush was MAC Creme Color Base in Movie Star Red-- again, for that Geisha blush inspiration.
Totes starring in Memoirs of Shannon right now :P
Closeup on my eye.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Chanel necklace I'm wearing is, in reality, a belt that my friend Lucas, when he worked at the Chanel boutique at Nordstrom, had artfully displayed as a necklace a couple of years ago.  It was on sale and so I got it and looooove it.  Throughout the day people were trying to figure out what it spelled, haha.
 H&M Glasses, obsessed with the retro-feel and the fact that they were six dollars

IN SPEAKING OF Chanel necklaces!! Today I went to Nordstrom with my mom after dim sum and got some new polishes (like I needed them) this Chanel polish is from the new Fall 2011 Collection and I am loving the green-gold-teal reflection.  It's constantly changing color on me and is distractingly pretty. A great, super unique color.  They also have some new cream eyeshadows that were lovely colors, but I'll have to wait to see if I want to shell out $36...
 Butter is a newish brand that I now keep on seeing.  The colors are super pretty and different and all of their advertisement stands and product artwork is super cute.  Apparently it's supposed to be very environmentally friendly and all that jazz.  I was sampling colors on my mom and after she took them off with their remover, the remover legit smelled like English Roses, it was so pleasant for remover.  I ended up getting two colors to try out this polish.
Royal Navy and Primrose Hill Picnic
As I'm writing this post, I have been listening to a bunch of my Japanese music I haven't listened to in a while.  Back in the day I practically wore out some of my Utada Hikaru cds.  On another note, I've also been obsessing over the actor Ron Perlman, so after I finish watching "The Boys From Brazil" (a fab movie about Mengle and Nazi Hunters and plans to clone Hitler.  The book was written by Ira Levin, look him up too, he's a wonderful author) I'm Netflixing a couple movies with him for certain.  For a reference point, Perlman was in that corny, albeit addicting show from the 80's, "Beauty and the Beast," where he had that lion face, bwhaha....I will not admit I started watching it....oh, and he was in Hellboy and does a ton of voiceovers.  I'm in love with his voice.  Looks like my other love, Jeremy Irons has competition.  Wow, this was a  I most have a lot on my mind, eeek!


  1. Very cool look. I must say that you pull it off effortlessly :)

  2. I agree, and I enjoyed reading your post! Welcome aboard the Butter wagon lol, I love their polishes! Peridot looks so glam on you!

  3. Oh I die! I want Primrose Hill Picnic >.< Time to hit eBay. LOL.

  4. I love how you put red lipliner in your waterline! I do that too to my under lashline. Im not alone ! :D