Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Women? No, 3 Lipsticks. There I Go, Confusing Makeup For Movies

 YAY for new lipstick! Even though I need more makeup...especially lipstick like I need a hole in the head.  These are three MAC lipsticks that are in their permanent collection that I have yet to try.  In order: Lady Danger, St. Germaine, and Cyber. I decided to test them out, I would wear each one for part of the day.  This was yesterday (Sunday) which was super busy and fun.  My friend McKenna got a new puppy so I hung out with her and the puppy and drank coffee and watched Indiana Jones movies until I went to one of my new favorite Vietnamese restaurants in St. Paul, Saigon, with Interact staff and interns.  Saigon has a pho challenge where it's TEN POUNDS of soup and you have to eat it in 45 minutes.  Being cruel, we made the music intern Michael try the challenge.  He failed, but honestly, I don't understand how people could finish the challenge...I love my pho, but in small doses.
Lady Danger is matte and a really fab orange/red.  It's way less drying than Ruby Woo and the color lasted for a long time.  Love it!
St. Germain is a little pale for me, but I really like how it's almost neon.  Personally, I don't know if this is the most flattering color on me, but i'm thinking if I mix it with something else it would be a huge improvement.  I still really like it though...
I typically find super dark colors kind of bleh and meh, but Cyber is legit dark dark purple and I just adore it.  I think because it has no brown undertones like most darrrrk lipsticks have it makes it a really unique and flattering color, especially for people who have skin the color of typing paper...
So, yes, loving new lipsticks and life and all that fun jazz.  I'm leaving for New York on Thursday, so I'm sooooooo excited.  Alexander McQueen, Silence: The Musical, shopping, MoMa, all better be ready for me :)


  1. I like the first one on you the best. I think it's the most flattering. Fun purchases, and enjoy the MoMa - I loved it there, so nutso!

  2. i love lady danger on you, its the best! although i like Cyber too, has a very mysterious quality to it!
    thank you for stopping by my blog, leaving ur comment and following me, i feel so happy! to answer your question the bag is not available online anymore, you will have to go to Bloomingdales or to the Furla store for one, the ones on eBay are overpriced! you could check with bloomingdales/ furla and ask them how to get it shipped to you. here in San Francisco, theres only two bags left, in the color mango.
    am following you now,

  3. I love all 3 on you! there are all so different but awesome at the same time! Lady Danger is so hot this summer, it's all about oranges! <3

  4. My fave on you is the first one...Lady Danger! It's a beautiful shade and compliments your skin tone!! :)

  5. Hey there! LOVE the second lipstick. Looks like Plumeria by MAC which is what I have and love! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! The lipstick I was wearing in my previous post is Chanel Dazzling! Come check out the lip color I'm wearing in my new post and tell me how ya like it :)

  6. Love the first lipstick. You are fantastic with makeup. :) x

  7. I love that you experiment so creatively with your makeup! I can hardly figure out how to put on mascara, much less lipstick and eyeliner.

  8. They all look so pretty on you! You can even pull of St Germain!

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