Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Only Child is Showing...

Hi friends and browsers of the World Wide Web! I am sups tired and keeping this post shortish and hopefully somewhat sweet...or evil depending on my mood I guess.  This weekend I went shopping with mi mama at a typically lame mall in Mpls.  Well, it appeared that they were giving away things at Ulta and Bare Essentials because I got soooo many presents-- mind you, everything was on sale and 50% off and they were paying me to take Nyx products, haha, so I'm not really as spoiled as it seems, it's just I'm an only child and I was just demonstrating that fact a little...yeah...

 Ulta stuff...not going to lost all the products, ask questions if curious and they will all probs make it into my blog.  My obsession with green nail polish continues in this Ulta haul.  I think I believe I am Sally Bowles from "Cabaret." Better work on my Liza impression some more :D
 Looove the lashes.  I have such a thing for fake lashes, I wish they were more socially acceptable to wear to work and such, but they would end up getting trashed...
 I've never actually tried Bare Essentials, so I' very excited.  My mom and I got some of the mineral pigments and the weird not gloss, not lipstick things.  I had never seen such bright lip colors from them before, so I'll let you all know what I think.  The cute little silver backs and wrapped set were free gifts-- $20 off cupon included :D
 Bath and Body Works $2 Rose Salve, yum
Green Tea Lip Balm...eek, my camera hates me taking pictures in my room, the flash makes everything stupid and unclear and no flash makes it blurry, le sigh.
Anyone have new fun purchases? I also got some neat-o stuff from H&M and some really cool sunglasses from this Argentinian designer who has one US store and it's in Mpls, yay.  Ah, I feel so spoiled right now, haha, at least I'm grateful for such a lovely mommy dearest who feeds my cosmetics addiction, ever when she says she will not get me one more bottle of nail polish :)


  1. Oh I'm jealous of your haul! JEALOUS!! Is there anything in those customizable cases? :D

  2. I mean this in the nicest way possible. I hate you. I'm so jealous.

  3. There's a little mirror in the cases, that's all. And really, stop by ulta, there were so many sales!