Sunday, June 26, 2011

License Renewal Powers Activated!

Yesterday was it? Oh, it feels so long ago I got my license renewed at that lovely place known as the DMV aka HELLLLLL! I waited 2 hours to get my bloody picture taken and pay $20.50 to do so. There were soooo many people there and it had been open for only 15 minutes when I got there, rage, rage, rage, continue and BLAH! Anyway, at least the DMV is a great place for people watching! So many ill-fitting tank tops and general oddness. I have a theory about places like the DMV or the airport, or the state fair, and other venues of that nature: that there are some people who live on the outskirts of society that you never see except at places like the aforementioned.  It's unreal.  Like these people come from little caves in the woods only to hop a plane or get a elephant ear at the fair.  I don't understand!
 So this was my look for DMVing, going to the doctor because I have another cold/sinus infection, and getting feathers in my hair with friends.   I ended up foregoing the doctor because it was a 2 and a half hour wait and I was not having it.  So, I later picked up my friend Alicia and we met my friend Jenny at this salon to get feathers, which I'm now obsessed with.  I'll have to take a picture and post them :).
    My makeup was a pretty general me look.  I opened up a new Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion, which of course I'm mad about per usual.  I used some UD Eyeshadow in Baked before applying the liner and then added the blue liner (UD in Electric).  I just love the hint of blue under my eyes! Blush was MAC Blush in Tippy.
    From my previous Ulta haul I opened up myNYX Slim Lip Pencil in Bloom and fell in love.  It's so creamy and such a great color that fills in the lip nicely.  I had never tried a NYX pencil before and I am completely sold on them, especially for the fab price.  I applied a little bit of YSL Lipstick in No.7 just to add a little more pop of pink.
 On another note, I've been using my new Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Waterproof Mascara and I feel like it's actually making my lashes longer and thicker.  It separates my lashes nicely too.  The only think I'm not crazy about is the brush, it's a bit bulky and "old-school" I want to say.  Like it's a very big brush and not as dainty as my previous mascaras.  That does not make the mascara a deal-breaker though!
The mascara in question! See what I mean about it being an "old-school" brush? Haha
Thought I'd show off my new sunglasses too! I'm loving the red and white combo and am completely ignoring the fact that they could be considered "in" because of the color blocking.  I ignore such statements! AHHHHH, haha.  They're by an Agrentinian designer, Maria Rivolta who only has one store in the U.S, which happens to be in Mpls! We ordered my fake aunt/really should be a real aunt a birthday present from this designer and they had an issue with shipping and after WEEKS of trying to get this present, they shipped it to their U.S store.  We're like, "so, we have to go to what, New York to get this thing?" And they said the store was at Southdale center, Mpls surprisingly. What a small world we live in.  


  1. I love your make up and I might wanna try out that mascara!!

    That's pretty damn cool that the designer only had 1 store and it's in Mpls instead of NYC, LA, LV etc :D

  2. Those retro glasses make you look like a picture perfect pin-up girl. Love them. I can never find glasses to fit my uber-narrow face. Sadlife.