Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

   It's totally one of those night where I'm uber tired but cannot fall asleep, so I typically mess around on the net or try new and stupid makeup-y things when I do not look fit for displaying said makeup stupidity.  And I should probs go to bed because I have my volunteer "job" tomorrow at 9:30 at this wonderful place called Interact Center which is a center of visual and performing arts for people with disabilities based in Minneapolis.  It's such a fun and lively place I can never get enough of it :)
    Anywhooooooo a couple days...weeks, well, whatever ago I was reading an old manga series.  I used to be suuuuper into manga/anime, not to the point of dressing up as characters or anything, but I was very into it.  Now I think I appreciate it from more of an artistic point and historical standpoint, but will never turn down a chance to watch Sailor Moon or drool over CLAMP's artwork.  SO! A while ago I saw some whatever...thing on the internet where someone did manga-eqsue eyes on their lids, so I gave it a go.
   It was sssssoooooo hard, mainly because of smudging because I had to keep on opening my eyes to see what I was doing, so this is something I really want to try again with a model.  So, any takers to look beautiful and big-eyed? haha...ha...ha?
 Nordstrom Brand Black Eyeliner, Ben Nye Products and Makeup Forever was used, cream bases and all of that jazz.  White was added last on the eye along with the tiny bit of white on the lips to give it a more cartoon-y feel.  
 I didn't get the best pictures, but like I said, it was a hard look to accomplish on myself.  It's fun for maybe a Halloween type thing...ya know, because it is only June, so it's coming up.
Is it strange that I really like this look with my eyes open? Haha.
Now I'll go to sleep.  So, the manga look should most def be an everyday thing, right?

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