Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carnage and Car Rides

Today it was absolutely lovely day in the land of Minneapolis.  I drove around with my windows down this evening after seeing a fabulous play at the Guthrie Theater called "The God of Carnage" hence my blog title.  "Carnage" is about these two couples who meet after one of the couple's son hits the other couple's son with a stick.  It's a satire on how these parents meet to settle things like adults and then slowly begin to behave like children and take sides, etc, etc.  It was sooooo funny and the playwright is this wonderful French woman and check it least the play or see it if you're in the Twin Cities, haha :)
     My one complaint would be that people cannot dress when they go to the theatre or life in general! There were so many people wearing flip flops and sandals and t-shirts and AHHHHHHH-ness when they're going to a play at a nice place and going to a play...oy vey AND during the show we (my fake aunt and I) were seated next to this mother-daughter duo who, honestly, after every line said "what did he/she say" or "oh that was funny, she grabbed the cup/phone/bucket." People need to learn how to be quiet, they fail to realize that oftentimes the actors can hear every single thing an audience member can say because of the way the stage is built.  So, when going out dear readers, please use common sense and mind your theatre etiquette.  Thank you!
    Moving on, I used my new Wet n Wild eyeshadows over the past two days.  I used the silver-black-purple (Spoiled Brat) to create a "carnage-y" look for the show:
 Oh, you also noticed how shimmery and summery and nice my skin looked, oh thanks, the sparkle is totally natural...yeah, no.  My skin was looking a little dull from the heat of the past few days, so to make it more dewy I used a slightly pink-white shimmer powder--Tokidoki Luminosa Powder in Kabuki.  I used a kabuki brush (hah) and applied it all over.  Blush is MAC's Creme Blush in Florida to match the other pink going on.
 I used the base silver on my brow bone and lid (going against the Wet n Wild rules, gasp) and then layered a lot of the pink on my lids and some around my waterline.  Instead of using the given black shadow, I used black eyeliner (Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero) and gave it a slight wing.
   ANDDDDD the lips.  I used Lancome's La Laque Fever in Electric Pink, which is a nice not quite a gloss, but not a lipstick that is very sparkly and pretty vibrant.  The only problem is that it bleeds like crazy and tends to loose its pizazz and pop fairly quickly, so I ended up abandoning it later with a brighter pink.  It's one of those lip things that I forget typically disappoints, but when I mix it with something else, it tends to work and look better.
 OH NO, hints of bleeding! At least my eye looks pretty darn snazzy.  With a creamy but stay-put liner like UD's, you can have a lot of fun with wings and I tend to fade them further out of my eye if that makes can see it in this picture.  

What's in store in my next post? The green Wet n Wild shadows, where I used the left lipstick.  The right is the Lancome one mentioned earlier with that really nice applicator. 
On another note, I painted my nails using my new OPI Nail Polish in Silver Shatter! I paired it with my favorite OPI Pirates color, Mermaid's Tears. I'm actually obsessed with my nails right now and hopefully you are too, haha :D
Per usual, thank you for reading and have a fab day..week...year...summer...month, not necessarily in that order.

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