Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Ironically, when I was driving to the doctor's today, this song ("Mellow Yellow") came on the radio.  I attributed this to the fact that I was wearing yellow eye makeup AND nail polish and that it wasn't referring to drugs or sex or whatever that song is really about. I know yellow is another color that seems to be really "in" this season.  I don't really follow the trends of the kids these days (I'm from MN, I can make hipster statements like that...) but I've always liked yellow eye makeup.  I feel like it can be really hard to pull off though because oftentimes when I try and do yellow liner, eyeshadow, etc it either mixes with other colors or ends up working its way into my eyebrows and travelling around my face :/.  Today was a lot more successful.  I used my Makeup Forever 12-Pallete (the yellow pigment in it) and before I applied that, I was sure to prime with Benefit's Stay Don't Stray Shadow Primer.  I applied black liner after applying the yellow.  I've tried doing the yellow above black before and this worked so much better than that.  I had some leftover yellow on my makeup brush and ended up blending that with MAC Lipstick in  Neon Orange.  I feel like I've been using that color a lot as of late...I do love orange lipstick ever so much...

 Really rocking the "complete look" with Spa Ritual Nail Polish in Enlightened Soul.  It's a nice polish, the only thing is the yellow/light color really shows every flaw ever...otherwise it's a great color!
Deep thinking..obvi because of the complete matchy-ness 
 On another note, I've appeared to have turned into modern art...
 Haha, this adorable four-year-old boy who is the son of a friend of my mom's really likes makeup and we had some fun at this little dinner get-together.  I drew a little spiderweb on his cheek whereas he went crazy on me, he even was drawing pictures on my back with Tokidoki eyeliner and stuck my MAC Lipstick in Russian Red all over my face (mainly my forehead) and even in my ears, eeek! It took a lot of cold cream to get all of it off, but it was worth it, he was just soooo cute! :)
I still have some lipstick in my hairline...better break out some more makeup wipes :)


  1. Lovely make up, you rock Neon Orange! That young man has a talent in transformations hehe...i can see a little thunder on your cheek :D

  2. aW~~~~thats a adorable, but i luv for fist look, yellow looks nice on you, i could never wear yellow, i think its my skin colour yellow doesnt show up well on my skin-tone~~~

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