Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Squared

So, I realized it's been forever and a half since I last posted, whoops.  I keep on running across some of these pictures on my computer where it's like "oh, I should blog about this" but it's never enough to have a special post or I'm just too lazy, etc, etc and then I forget what I used and the cycle continues.  So, here's just a cluster of looks from the past couple of weeks that I remember some of the products to (the main ones I mean because oftentimes I am wed to certain eyeliners and so on if you haven't noticed). Okay...yes...and now, enjoy!

 Yes, this picture was taken with Vaseline smeared on the, just uber bad lighting in my dorm room. This was for the end of the year theatre fest, so I had to wear a wig.  Normal eye stuff but with the dark and now coveted MAC Lipstick in Rebel
 Where are my eyes? Well, at least my purplish lips go with my hair :D
 This was another "Shoshanna" look with MAC Lipstick in MAC Red and Urban Decay's Eyeshadow in Half-Baked.
 I really luurrrv the yellow-blue color combo of this look.  Urban Decay Eyeliner in Electric was the bottom blue and I layered a ton of MAC eyeshadow in Goldenrod which is a super pigmented screaming yellow which looks pretty darn good on most skin tones.  Oh, and the reason my skin looks so dewy and fresh if I do say so my self is BECAUSE i used Benefit's "That Gal" shimmer primer.  It's really pretty and doesn't weigh skin down. 
And finally, I really liked this classic look from what seams like decades ago, but I didn't get a good picture because my bow was in the way...awkward moment there.  The significant thing was I found my long-lost MAC Lipglass in Autobody Red WHICH WAS THE BEST MOST WONDERFUL RED GLOSS IN THE WORLD, THAT'S ALL I'M WEARING ON MY LIPS AND IT'S THAT PIGMENTED AND I LOST IT AGAAAAIN....okay...MAC really needs to make that one again...
   Hope you all enjoyed this sporadic post, until later...

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