Sunday, May 22, 2011

Glitter and Other Pretty Things

 All of the new, shiny, pretty things! There's a product description with more pictures below, except for the Pirates of the Caribbean OPI minis collection that comes with: Skulls & Glossbones (Grey), Planks a Lot (Violet), Sparrow Me the Drama (light pink), and Stranger Tides (odd grey-green).  I'll probably end up hand modeling at least one of these in my next post.  Sadly they were all sold out of the Silver Shatter, so my quest for that goes on.  Overall, I really like this new collection from OPI, it's different and perfect for all of these rainy summer days we've been getting in Mpls.
MAC Mineral Blush in Sakura aka a new favorite! I managed to snag the last one at MAC while turning in job applications.   It seems like it's impossible for a college student to get employed in this town, le sigh.

 OPI Nail Polish in Mermaid's Tears. This is my favorite color out of the "Pirates" Collection
 True blue, the best concealer in the universe: Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Makeup in 10 Classic Ivory.  I should just buy this stuff in 5-gallon this product and is perfect for stopping breakout in their tracks.
 Freeman's Clay Mask a la Mint and Lemon.  I have never had a bad experience with any of their products and this is no different.  The lemony smell is sooooo nice and as the mask dries it smells more minty.  
 Modeling the mask like the classy lady I am, haha, after about five minutes it stung a little, but afterwards my pores were all purged and such.  Worth it, especially for only four dollars.
Finally, this is the nailpolish I wore before I got my "Pirates" collection.  The main MAC Nailpolish (Varicose Violet) is from the Dame Edna Collection-- one I loved that apparently didn't do that well for them.  Maybe it's because stupid people don't know who Dame Edna is...that is a possibility. I layered some OPI in Teenage Dream. I liked the combo of the violet (it's less pink-looking when it isn't next to a screaming pink table) and the pale pink sparkles.  
So these are my latest purchases...I promise that new blush will be put to good use in my next post, until then...


  1. Great blog post!

    That clay mask sounds amazing. I love the smell of lemons.
    I am definitely going to check that out. Oh, and good luck with the job searching.

  2. Mint and lemon face mask - Mmmmm! I love the nail combination too!

  3. Yeah, i'm obsesssssed with this mask and their avocado/oatmeal...the smell is heavenly. And thank you very much :)