Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bird Noises *cough hack blehhhh*

So on this lovely Friday evening I am sick with a sinus infection/cold/general patheticness...yay?  So, I decided to put this concoction I came up with earlier in the week when I couldn't fall asleep when I found my forgotten collection of false eyelashes!
 Haha, I'm so arty...just kidding.  This look was like a cross between a bird of prey (owl) and something from the musical Cabaret I've decided.  I used these rando cheap feather eyelashes I found at Forever 21 for the top and the bottom were some Walgreens buyable brand.  My favorite eyelash glue is by Shu Uemera...but it's getting so hard to find that brand in stores...hmmm, hopefully they aren't shutting down anytime soon.  The trick to applying falsies is to put a little layer of glue on them and then blow just a little so the glue will become tacky and are then easier to apply.  It works every time :)

 Wide-eyed scary look, haha.  The lipstick was MAC in Red She Said. I decided to do the not covered lipstick look to make my lips more beakish.  I made the rest of my lips duller using some of the brown from my Makeup Forever color palette (which is what i used to fill in my eyebrows like feathers, do the feather pattern on the side of my eyes and what I used for eyeliner, it's so versatile!)  For highlighting I actually used a blush brush and dusted Urban Decay Eyeshadow in S&M to give it a more translucent and silver feel.
I hope you all enjoyed this not necessarily wearable look...but it's still a lot of fun.  Thanks for stopping by!

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