Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pop Art Panic

I've been a bit ill the past week, so makeup hasn't exactly been like my no. 1 priority. Plus, I've been so busy with rehearsals, school, life, etcetera, it's been pushed down on the list...which is unacceptable, of course.  Therefore, I'm revisiting one of my looks from makeup class first semester.  I really love Roy Lichtenstein and so for "fantasy makeup" I did my look after his work!  I would really like to find the time to redo this look with some other products besides my Ben Nye Makeup Kit because the black started to smudge a little and we only had about an hour to do the whole look...so Lichtenstein might resurface at a later date...until then, enjoy!

 The dots were sooooooooooooooo takes three days to say how "so" tedious and because I had to apply them first the smudge factor was extreme. Doing makeup like this on yourself is tres difficult! I think next time I'll use a smaller brush to get a finer look.  I really like the fierce eyebrows though and the outlining under the nose.
Like I said, this whole look was achieved using my Ben Nye Makeup Kit I've mentioned in earlier posts.  The red for the lips and the dots were actually from the Injury Wheel and the black was from just the normal one...the name escapes me.  Everything was set with a translucent powder after the fact to make it not as smudgy.