Friday, April 22, 2011

Feeling Owly

 Pensive Owl Face
So, this is what my last blog posting was kind of based off of, ANIMAL assignment from makeup class, yay! Anyway, it was all done with Ben Nye Makeup, a stage makeup brand that has soooo many colors and fun little attachments! Also, if you're wondering about the hair, it was part of some extra credit to incorporate hair, so I added little horns like a horned owl :)
Because this makeup was so color heavy with a high risk of bleeding/becoming a mess of mixed colors, I used some cheap paintbrushes as opposed to normal makeup brushes so I wouldn't wreck my good brushes.  Anywhoo, paintbrushes are a really great investment for makeup, especially with costume makeup, it's so much easier to throw them away and they really work as well for application.  
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