Sunday, March 6, 2011

Messed Up Day Calls for Neons

I couldn't get a good picture this morning because my roommate's friend was awkly staring at this will have to do, haha.
 So, today I had a really screwed up day with my friend Michael...we went to the mall...this lame one in Wisconsin and saw the movie Beastly, which was an abbbbossssluteeee train wreck aka should win many Oscars, ah ha ha ha ha.  The makeup was the one saving grace to it though and I really want to find a bald young man to try it out on...any takers?  ANYWAY, we sat through that hot tranny mess, ate really stupidly, went to Build a Bear and decided to make this screwed up illegitimate love child named S&M after our radio show...when asked why we were making this bear (dog) we responded, "because we're sick." It was really one of those days.
Michael modeling his lovely panda look...oy vey

For my mall outing, I did black liquid liner (my usual Urban Decay in Pervasion) and one of my absolute favorite Makeup Forever screaming pink lipsticks...WHICH THEY DON'T MAKE ANYMORE.  I am very irate over the whole situation... but I digress, i smeared on some L'Occitane lipgloss that is shimmery lemon and honey flavored and I absolutely adore it :) For highlighting, I used a NARS Multiple in Cococabana A very easy look, but super me...
Side note: The pearl necklace I'm wearing is a Betsey Johnson and goes with absolutely everything.

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