Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is a Cabaret

My blog has been kind of like a neglected child...I hope my parental/blog rights won't be taken away because that could be eppppppppppa stresssss!
  The last month has been beyond busy and FINALLY!!! all this week I've been on spring break, which has been lovely.  Today I visited one of my favorite places, Interact, which is a center specializing in the visual and performing arts for people with disabilities.  I volunteered there all of last summer and really miss it.  It was so nice to catch up with people and get some new makeup ideas :)
   Anyway, I was talking about this blog and somebody was asking about flapper makeup...which, made me think of this adorable portrait my friend drew of me a la sally in cabaret....WHICH, made me bring out this look-alike I did in makeup class of me as Liza in cabaret...enjoy! 
 The lovely portrait Carson Funk did of me with a bear as the emcee...I'm actually in love with this >_<

 The real deal aka liza. I tried some thinning of my nose to get it more like hers with highlight and shadow and followed a combo of some of her looks in the movie cabaret (using my Ben Nye Kit).
 Oh, and if you're questioning the mole compared to the real liza, all my pictures are mirror images because I used my iPhone.

THE EYELASHES!! haha, I used two pairs of fake lashes and I still think they could have been bigger like liza's.  These lashes were the super cheap ones you can find at walgreen's for like four dollars.

I do really think my life is a cabaret and I cannot believe it's almost time to finish up my spring semester, eeeeek!


  1. oh my gosh, your make up is EPIC. i might have to run out and buy fake eyelashes, because they look gorgeous on you!