Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Somebody must have pulled a Chris Brown...

 So, this is the typical appearance of yours truly...maybe a little more jaundice-y than usual because of the lighting in my kitchen, but I digress...
 This is me after someone gave me a black eye, cut my lip up a bit, scratched up my nose and chin, oh, and gave me a third degree burn in the middle of my cheek.  Fun, no?  Injury makeup was probably one of my favorite projects. The scratch effects were made using a stipple sponge. The lip was some red creme-based Ben Nye color from an Injury wheel (the black eye was made from the same wheel).
The burn was a little more difficult.  I had to apply spirit gum (nasty-smelling makeup adhesive) with cotton and wax over my cheek, rip it open and apply black for the worst part of the burn.  I covered the rest of the wax and part of my actual skin in red and a mix of black and purple from the Ben Nye injury makeup wheel.  For a final touch, I put fake blood in the middle of the wound and let it drip down.
    When I did this in class, afterwards I went to one of the dining halls for lunch with all this still on.  I had about five people approach me, thinking I had been injured, it was pretty funny.
  Note: To achieve this look, all you really need is this neat-o Ben Nye makeup kit.  It has everything and costs about $40 on Amazon.  The slightly worn away pink lipstick I'm wearing is a discontinued MAC lipstick called "Hollywood Nights" from the  Heatherette collection. If only they still made it!!! AHHHHH

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